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10 Things I Want to Do in My Thirties

May 29th, 2014

I’m turning 30 today!! And I’m pretty darn excited about it. While it’s a bit surreal to think that my twenties have come and gone, it’s exhilarating to think that I’m standing on the brink of this new chapter full of adventures, new friendships, and life lessons (learned from plenty of mistakes, no doubt!). Not that my twenties weren’t amazing. I met and married my soulmate and we created the other little love of my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful that I get to start this next decade with those two by my side. On the work front, my twenties were all about finding my passion — trying on different hats until I found a fit that made me love Mondays as much as I love Fridays (usually, at least.) I feel so lucky to get to do what I love every day. And in honor of this new beginning, I thought I’d take some time to consider: what are 10 things I want to do in my thirties? This isn’t a bucket list, and it’s not comprehensive. It’s about things I actually want to do, not things I feel like I should do (guess what? I don’t actually want to run a marathon or take a cross-country road trip.) This list takes for granted that I want to be a better mom, floss daily, and volunteer more, and instead focuses on 10 things that are more about having fun and enjoying the moment. Because if there’s one thing that I learned in my twenties, it’s that a decade goes by way too fast.

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  1. Anne Campbell says:

    I LOVE THIS CAMILLE! So much. Especially savor the weekends with friends and family and the picnic in Versailles. Cam and I did that with Marguerite, and it was the best. day. of. my. life! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. Gap says:

    Happy birthday girl!!
    xox, Gap.

  3. Jessie says:

    Happy birthday! I crossed the 30s threshold just last year and although I’m only one year in, it’s been pretty awesome so far. I started an annual list of things I wanted to do before my next birthday (28 things to do before I turned 28, 29 before 29, 30 before 30, etc., although I’m stopping at 30 because anything beyond that is just too ambitious for my schedule), so I totally love your list. And I think I’m going to add surfing and eat sushi in Japan to my list!

    • Wow, go girl! That is pretty amazing, and I bet as you look back over the last few birthdays, you’re blown away by how many things you’ve accomplished. So inspiring!

  4. Love this! I’ll be at 30 in a little over a year, and I’m a huge fan of setting positive goals to look forward to (ie not focusing on weight loss or anything like that). I definitely agree with headstand/handstand, and I’ve been working on conquering my fear of real bread making ( due to a long and strange fear of yeast.
    Happiest of birthdays to you!

  5. Lily says:

    These are all awesome goals for a lady in her 30s… I still have a ways to go but maybe I should start making one for my 20s before it’s too late!

    x Lily

  6. Wendy says:

    Happy Birthday! Love your list, and yup! 30’s are the best 😉 get ready!

  7. Erin Hodges says:

    Happy happy, friend! xo, erin

  8. Happy happy birthday! My hubby turns 30 tomorrow! 🙂

  9. Kim West says:

    I love you in pink lady, pink dress, pink lips. YES!!

  10. kelly colchin says:

    Happy, Happy, Happy, Camille! XOXO

  11. Heidi says:

    Happy Birthday! This list is amazing and definitely go for that splurge item.

  12. My 30’s were the best years of my life so far and I wouldn’t change a thing. Not one single thing. Happy birthday!

  13. Lauren says:

    We share a birthday! Happy Birthday Camille! The 30’s are amazing – I’m just a couple years in. Love your list, especially the part about Europe. I’ve lived in London and Paris for work and college, but it’s definitely one of my goals to rent a house for a summer in the south of france with my husband and (future) children. Their way of life is so much different and enviable.

    Please post when you master your signature bread recipe. I’ve been working on this too. Have a wonderful day!

  14. Jennifer Rose Smith says:

    Happy birthday to the best boss and an inspiring friend! I believe you will accomplish all of these goals and more in your thirties. I feel lucky to be along for the ride. Cheers!

  15. Mia says:

    Happy birthday, Camille! What a great list. I’ve dreamed about surfing and living in Europe too! And yes to eating sushi in Japan – it was such a great experience, and the culture there is so fascinating. I also got excited about your headstand-ing practice – a teacher who can guide you through the safety, body mechanics, and alignment for the pose (and not risk any head/neck or other injury), as well as help you assess your bone structure and proportions (to determine whether headstand or some other inverted pose is the best inversion for you) is key. Pardon that little bit of “evangelism” – safety is a big concern of mine as a teacher and student of yoga! Thank you for all that you (and your team) do for this website – it has become my virtual “happy place” since the “Style Notes” days. I would love to read more when you check off something on your list! Wishing you all the best for your 30th year and beyond.

  16. Kiri says:

    Happy happy birthday! This is an incredibly relatable list. There are so many great things in the world. Here is a cheers to more adventures ahead.

  17. What a thoughtful and beautifully cultivated list. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, and I have no doubt that you will accomplish and excel at each of those goals. Bon voyage!

  18. Happy Birthday! This looks like a great bucket list for your 30s!

  19. Edna St. Vincent says:

    thank you for not pledging to train for a triathlon, cut out all carbs, and start a gratitude journal.
    that last one is actually a good idea, but i know you to be someone who is already very grateful about all the blessings in your life. my favorite of your goals is getting back to poetry. i am convinced that reading a poem a day makes you more attuned to the world around you –the beautiful and the tragic, the sublime and the ridiculous. happy happy birthday, Camille!

  20. Julie Khuu says:

    Happy Birthday Camille! Oman you make me feel like an oldie (but goodie)…Just a few years ahead of ya and I have to say your list is quite inspirational! I’m totally on board with ya with living in Europe…specifically Paris in the 11th as I’ve always dreamed…something about spending days in the city gardens and museums just idling away. I’m at my most inspired when it’s ALL about the people and community. Can’t wait to see how you rock your 30’s girl…live it UP!!!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  21. Happy birthday to a gorgeous lady who inspires women everywhere to celebrate the simple beauties of life. You are truly, truly an inspiration to me and I hope you feel loved and celebrated by many today. All the best to you, my dear!

  22. diane smith says:

    Happy Birthday! The 30’s are great…enjoy!

  23. Aw, happy happy birthday! Loving the list! x

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  25. KATERINA says:

    Happy Birthday!!! What a great list!

  26. You have inspired me! I turn 28 in just 2 days and I have been having anxiety about the whole ordeal. I hate the feeling that there is an outside pressure mandating that you accomplish certain things at certain times in your life. You are so positive and enthusiastic about turning 30 and what the next decade will bring – it’s infectious! Thank you so much for sharing a bit on your hopes and dreams for this time.

    xo Rachel

  27. Laura says:

    Happy Birthday! Definitely check out Dancers Shape in Austin for barre classes. They absolutely having me looking toned & standing straighter!

  28. Melissa says:

    Love this! Perfect list!

  29. Lorraine says:

    Do Bar Method! You’re posture with straighten right up! There are lots of barre studios but as far as I know Bar Method instructors have the most rigorous training program for 6 months whereas places like Pure Barre are certified in 2 weeks and they aren’t as strict about proper form.

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  31. Happy Birthday! Speaking from one year in, it’s a fabulous decade : )

    My sweet Texan grandmother worked on her posture every day of her life, always reminding herself (and her daughters and granddaughters) to stand up straight because that’s when you look your best and also, more importantly, *feel* your most confident. I still smile every time I catch myself straightening up because I think of her. You have so much to joyful and confident about- cheers to the next decade!

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  33. I turned 30 not so long ago as well and I’d love to do a few of the same – embrace weekends is a great idea and so important really. And less important but equally exciting – the investment piece and gorgeous lingerie 🙂

  34. Happy belated birthday! Hope your day was fab!

    In March, I turned 30, though I didn’t share your enthusiasm about it. The opposite actually so I think coming up with a new ‘to do’ list of little accomplishments and big adventures would help me embrace it and have something to look forward to 🙂

  35. You have really good goals for your 30s. I especially like the living in Europe idea for 6 months, sitting straight, and embracing the weekend.

  36. tara says:

    These are so cool! I love the living in Europe for six months one. I’ve always wanted to live in Europe.

  37. Tre says:

    🙂 Pretty good list!

  38. Great list! I just turned 30 also and some things I want to do in my Thirties include: wear more bright lipsticks (hot pink!), try to say “yes” more than “no” (but learn when/how to say “no”), and to travel as much as possible.

  39. I love all of these (as I tried to sit up straight while reading)!

    Thanks for inspiring me to make my own list, no need to wait for NYE or a birthday — just gonna jump in!

  40. Great list! I’m about to turn 31 next month and you’ve inspired me 🙂 Do me a favor and master that surfing.. I only tried a few times and never succeeded, only to move to the east coast away from any tide line.

  41. Claire says:

    I JUST turned 30 myself and share the majority of your list!!! You read my mind! I’m ready to clean out that lingerie drawer! Such a good one ; )

  42. Erica says:

    I’m obviously posting on this very late, but love this post! I am turning 20 soon and am compiling a list of 10 Things I Want TO Do in My Twenties. Here’s what I have so far:
    -Develop a healthy relationship with food
    -Travel around Europe
    -Throw a dinner party
    -Become comfortable in my body
    -Rescue another pet
    -Get my driver’s license
    -Find the perfect pair of classic black pumps
    3 more to think of!

  43. Ah we’re in the second half of our 20s and this sounds so… lovely !! Thanks for sharing.

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