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August 6th, 2017


indoor outdoor kitchenMorning, friends! Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend so far. Yesterday we took a long walk downtown, picked up smoothies with the kids, went to the planetarium, then Adam and I snuck away for dinner just the two of us, popping into a couple new-to-us bars then walking over to Kuneho for a sushi feast. I can’t believe that summer is nearing its end – and Phoebe starts kindergarten in a couple weeks – so I’m trying to savor every last bit. We’re taking off for one final getaway later this week, and I can’t wait to share all the details about where we’re going and what we’re doing there! Follow along on my Instagram, and keep reading for my favorite links from around the web this week! xo

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3 Comments under :: Weekend Notes
  1. Kelly says:

    Looks like yesterday we were happy about spring! A dinner in two! Dreaming about a dinner without kids and phone calls!

  2. Yvonne says:

    Kindergarten! Wow! Enjoy this time. The years will now fly by once school starts. 🙁 Hate that they grow up.

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