Pretty Simple :: 5-Minute Sunkissed Skin

By Camille Styles
5 Minute Sun Kissed Skin | photo by Kate Stafford for Camille Styles

5 Minute Sun Kissed Skin | photo by Kate Stafford for Camille StylesI may be a beauty product junkie, but that doesn’t mean I want to camp out in front of the mirror each morning! I think every woman should have a 5-minute routine that makes her feel great and gets her out the door quickly. In the summertime, I’m all about a naturally sun-kissed look that lets me hang outside on a hot day without turning into a shine-fest. Nars’ The Multiple stick becomes one of my favorite tools in my makeup drawer at this time of year: I use it on eyes, cheeks and lips, and its creamy formula glides on super easy and adds warm highlights that give that glowy effect I’m always looking to achieve. Here’s how I get the look (in a flash!) grid_prettySimple_Nars1. This Clinique CC Cream is another of my fave multitaskers: it adds light moisture, natural coverage and SPF. I squeeze a dime size amount onto my fingers (the quickest tool for application!) and then blend blend blend it all over my face, just like a moisturizer. But this one also gives you flawless skin.

2. I skip the concealer, and instead dab a swipe of Laura Mercier Eye Canvas over each lid, which gives the look of a “naked” eyelid but neutralizes any redness and prevents creasing from mascara or eyeliner throughout the day.

3. Next up: the hero! I add a swipe of this shimmery stick (in either Portofino or Orgasm) across cheekbones and just under the hairline — basically, wherever the sun would naturally hit, since it’s going to provide reflect highlights. Then, I use my middle and index fingers to gently pat (not rub) the color into the skin until it’s blended.

4. I use my pinky to add just a dab of color to the bow in the center of my top lip (instant poutiness!), and along my brow bones, just under the eyebrow, and blend.

5. I use a soft black eyeliner to draw a very thin line as close to the lash line as possible, just going from the center of the eyelid to the outer corner, on the upper lid only. This adds definition without making your eyes look like they’re actually lined. Then I add one or two coats of black mascara (depending on how much time I have!)

6. I dab a bit of the The Multiple on the center of my lips and top with a bit of Nars’ lipgloss in Orgasm, grab my purse, phone and keys and head out the door!