10 (Almost) All-White Kitchens That Aren’t Plain

White-on-white never felt so right.

By Chanel Dror
best morning routine ideas woman in white kitchen

White interiors tend to be pretty polarizing. While some find the hue-less color to inspire freshness and openness in a space, others often write it off as a lazy, predictable choice. Today’s roundup of spaces is an argument for the former school of thought, particularly as it pertains to kitchens. ‘Cause nothing inspires colorful, healthy cooking like a clean, bright space to surround you. Below, 10 kitchens that are mostly white and fully lovely.

large neutral kitchen

1. A Wide Open Kitchen in Maine

Lauren Conrad's White Kitchen with Copper Hood and Open Shelving

2. Lauren Conrad’s California Kitchen

camille styles bungalow kitchen

3. The Camille Styles Studio Kitchen

bohemian open shelving in a kitchen

4. Serene Mitnick Miller’s Plywood Kitchen

vintage sink with concrete countertops

5. The Vintage Whites Farmhouse Kitchen

classic white kitchen with black and gold range

6. Lauren Smith Ford’s Brass Filled Kitchen

classic kitchen design

7. Anne Hepfer’s Sophisticated Feminine Kitchen

laid back white beachy kitchen

8. Daphne Javitch’s Minimalist New York Kitchen

modern white kitchen with black hardware

9. An Ultra Sleek Kitchen in Spain

cute mini kitchen with open shelving

10. Ashton’s Laid Back Austin Kitchen