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Designers Predict the Next “It” Kitchen Cabinet Color

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By Megan Beauchamp

There’s no denying that sage kitchen cabinets are having a moment (and have been for a while). From Anne Hathaway’s rustic kitchen to Reese Witherspoon’s farmhouse-inspired kitchen, seemingly everyone is opting for cabinets in the light green hue. While we’re also fans of the popular shade, we can’t help but wonder: What is the next “it” kitchen cabinet color going to be?

To find out, we asked four interior designers to predict which kitchen cabinet paint colors we’re about to see everywhere. From subtle neutrals to bold hues, the pros’ picks cover a spectrum of shades. Whether you’re looking to give your space a quick refresh or a major overhaul, keep scrolling to see which kitchen cabinet paint colors are poised to replace sage as the next big thing.

Stefani Stein Loloi Kitchen

Soft, Grey-Green

Neutrals are here to stay, but designers aren’t turning to traditional shades of white and grey. “While white kitchen cabinets have been out of favor for a while, many people aren’t ready to commit to bold or saturated hues,” explains Los Angeles-based interior designer Stefani Stein. Instead, she says it’s all about subtle shades that boast a hint of color.

She predicts soft, grey-green in particular, will be a welcome alternative to classic neutral shades. “I have been gravitating toward tints that introduce a hint of color, but still invoke a calm, classic vibe,” divulges Stein. “One of my absolute favorites is Mizzle by Farrow & Ball,” she tells us. “It’s a lovely, soft grey-green, reminiscent of celadon glazed pottery.” 

Cool Mist Grey Kitchen

Cool, Mist Grey

Similarly, Delaware-based interior designer Katie Winnington of C&E Furniture and Design has been enamored with cool grey as an alternative to classic neutral hues. Her “current obsession is Sherwin Williams Gossamer Veil,” she tells us. “This shade brings a slight earth tone element from the traditional grey or beige and accents brass hardware beautifully,” she says. 

It’s also a hue with potential staying power, according to Winnington. “The shade is also timeless, so it has longevity and is not heavily trend-driven, giving you space to play with accenting other hardware types or countertop finishes,” she explains. “Avoid contrasting Gossamer Veil with light colors too much as the cabinets will get lost,” she advises. 

White oak kitchen cabinet paint.

White Oak

Buh-bye, dark stains. A lighter, more minimalist material is emerging as a new favorite among interior designers. Leanne Ford says she’s partial to white oak, but only when done right. “Historically, the problem with white oak cabinets has been that their most beautiful state is when they’re in their natural, untouched form but then they turn yellow and orange when sealed,” the designer explains. 

Ford recently partnered with Semihandmade to release a line of cabinets, and she says they managed to solve this yellow-orange dilemma. “We came up with, dare I say, the perfect ‘recipe’ for sealing white oak cabinets in a way that doesn’t alter but preserves all their natural beauty,” she explains. The option to pair them with IKEA cabinetry makes them a great affordable alternative to custom wood cabinets.

Bold Rich Green Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Bold, Rich Green

“Color is back in a major way and here to stay,” predicts Los Angeles-based interior designer Kerry Vasquez, breaking with the minimalist trend. Her pick for the next “it” kitchen cabinet color is “a rich green like Benjamin Moore’s Essex Green,” she tells us. “This green is bold yet grounding, sophisticated yet playful,” she says. It’s “bold enough to feel colorful yet subtle enough that it doesn’t overwhelm you,” she explains.

“If you go bold with the kitchen cabinet color, my recommendation for styling would be to keep everything else relatively neutral,” she offers. “However, you can still use color and keep it neutral! Think light pinks, wood tones, and terracottas.”