10 Best Brussels Sprout Recipes

By Jenn Rose Smith
Ten Best Brussels Sprout Recipes | Camille Styles

It’s amazing how we can go through life with serious misconceptions about certain foods. It was only recently that I discovered this little underdog vegetable actually tastes good! And no, it’s not a “brussel” sprout. It’s a Brussels sprout, named after the Belgian city it most likely originated in. Goes to show you that you’re never too old to try something new, and ever since a friend convinced me to split a side of roasted sprouts with her I’ve been busy looking for the best Brussels sprout recipes on the internet. Here are our ten favorite — look them over and don’t forget what Mom told you: try one, you just might like it.

1. Roasted Brussels sprouts from Not From Concentrate

2. Roasted Brussels sprout and wheatberry salad from Kiran Tarun

3. Shredded Brussels sprout with chorizo and paprika from Heather Christo

4. Creamy Brussels sprout soup with crispy chorizo from My Invisible Crown

5. Ginger tamarind Brussels sprout from A Brown Table

6. Roasted Brussels sprout with garlic aioli from Costa Kitchen via Lifestyle Three Six Five

7. Roasted Brussels sprout and toasted rye bread from London Fridge

8. Roasted Brussels sprouts and coconut & mint chutni from Pure Vege

9. Brussels sprout and apple salad

10. Mushroom and Brussels sprout hash from Joy the Baker