10 Best DIY Valentines

By Lauren Smith Ford

Valentine’s Day never fails to make me think of my Uncle Tommy. As an always smiling fourth grader, he marched in to his classroom on February 14 and boldly handed my now Aunt Rose his entire box of cards…the ones that were meant for the whole class. Theirs is a story with a sweet beginning and an even better middle, as they have been married 35 years and still have that special spark between them. Young Tommy’s gesture, though small, said everything about how he was feeling, and we think this 10 Best round up of DIY Valentines can do the same for you with your special someone. Click through for lots of handmade inspiration in honor of V-Day—one of our favorite occasions!

Carved Initial Candle from Henry Happened

Perler Bead Valentines from Camille Styles

Colorful Origami Hearts from You Are My Fave

Concrete Heart Valentines from Lovely Indeed

Valentine’s Macarons by Sugar and Cloth

Matchbook Valentine from Real Simple

Valentine’s Party Poppers by Flax & Twine

Printable Floral Valentines from Camille Styles

Valentine’s Eraser Heart Prints by Cotton & Flax