10 Best Lessons From Our Moms

By Jenn Rose Smith
10 Best Lessons from our Moms illustrated by Becky Murphy | Camille Styles

It’s strange when you stop and think about it: with all the years our moms spent wiping our tears, packing our lunches, and tucking us in at night, there’s only one day a year set aside to appreciate them. It’s a thankless job at times, but an undeniably important one. The lessons instilled in us by our mothers and grandmothers tend to stick — and we find the very advice that made our eyes roll in junior high is somehow at the core of our being as adults. With the help of our favorite illustrator, Becky Murphy (author of the hilarious and spot-on petition for the petite, I’d Rather Be Short: 100 Reasons Why It’s Great to Be Small) we proudly present the ten best lessons learned from our moms:

Amanda Dawbarn of 100 Layer Cake

“As much as I try to plan and strategize my life, career and future, these wise words from mom make me slow down a bit. You can plan for so many things and conjure up all the possible scenarios. But sometimes when you sit back and let life unfold before you, the most magical things can and do happen… the things that were meant to happen. I try to remember I’m always in the right place at the right time.”

— Amanda on her mother, Janis

Erin Loechner of Clementine Daily

“I credit my love for thrifting and care for quality goods to my mother, who was one of the most frugal women around. We’d spend back-to-school shopping at the thrift store so she could teach me the value of a dollar, and I remember her saying time and again, ‘Quality, not quantity, Erin, and don’t let the sale price fool you. A sale isn’t a sale if you never use it!'”

— Erin on her mother, Mary Beneker

Buff Strickland, photographer

“My mom taught me to never underestimate the value of a family meal together. My mom (and sometimes dad) made dinner for us almost every night without fail. I never appreciated this as much as when I became a mom. It can be downright difficult to plan, cook and get food on the table in our over-scheduled lives, but the benefits were immeasurable as we learned to eat what was on our plates (or at least always try it). Also to connect and talk about our day, learn manners and a sense of responsibility as we all had chip in one way or another to make the meal happen.”

— Buff on her mother, Buff Rank

Jessi Afshin of The Darling Detail

“Thanks to my sweet mum, the principle of optimism has indefinitely molded the way I interpret life. Growing up, the glass really did seem half empty at times. However, my mother consistently taught me how to look on the brighter side by simply viewing those obstacles in a positive light. My glass is forever half full, cheers to you mom!”

— Jessi on her mother, Kimberly Afshin

Chanel Dror of Camille Styles

“My mom taught me that the person makes the outfit, not the other way around. She’s always been fashion forward, and I’m proud to say that she passed her style sensibilities onto me and my siblings. Above all, she taught us that self-confidence is the ultimate outfit X-factor! Don’t turn to pricey, impractical clothing to reach a personal ideal. Rather, build out an inexpensive, smart wardrobe that can be worn in creative ways, and always accessorize with a smile.”

— Chanel on her mother, Varda Dror

Lauren Smith Ford of Camille Styles

“My mom is my best friend and role model. Of all the words of wisdom she has imparted to me over the years, this Mother Theresa quote stands out the most because my mom was always teaching me that you never know what battles someone is facing and to try and treat them with love and kindness no matter what. It’s a lesson I am constantly working on, along with striving to be the authentic, strong and ever selfless person that she is every day.”

— Lauren on her mother, Nancy Smith

Camille Styles

“This is similar to the idea that “only boring people are bored,” and my mom is the ultimate example of someone who finds joy in the little things. As I’ve grown up, I’ve followed her lead in allowing myself to be inspired by day-to-day moments that others might overlook, and it leads to a life that’s full of little surprises.”

— Camille on her mother, Chris Styles

Jennifer Rose Smith of Camille Styles

“This was one of her favorites. She could apply it to many different situations, but especially about boys. She taught me to use kindness as a way to navigate life, and that a happy and carefree attitude can be powerfully attractive.”

— Jennifer on her mother, Diane Rose Smith

Samantha Wennerstrom of Could I Have That

“My mom taught me to always be flexible in life. Whenever I would complain about things not going my way or feeling like a fish swimming upstream, my mom would remind me of what’s out of our control. She used this saying as a way of reminding me to enjoy every moment and go with the flow, no matter what is thrown at us.”

— Samantha on her mother, Cinders Hope

Erin Hiemstra of Apartment 34


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