Behind the Smile :: With ELLE & Crest!

By Camille Styles
Elle Magazine April 2014 | Camille Styles

Elle Magazine April 2014 | Camille Styles

I had such a blast being part of this collaboration with ELLE and Crest, and I couldn’t be more excited for the feature to finally hit newsstands in the April issue! I spent the most fun day last fall hanging out at the Joule with the ELLE team, getting my photo snapped by The Coveteur (pinch me!) and spilling all my favorite beauty secrets. In addition to a good skincare routine and lots of mascara, I’ve always know that taking great care of my teeth is crucial for keeping that bright, vibrant smile that lets me fully express myself each day, so partnering with Crest 3D White was a natural fit.

Thought I’d share a few of my favorite outtakes — obviously it was a day full of lots of laughs (check out this morning’s video for proof!) And in honor of flashing those pearly whites, the question of the day was, “What makes you smile?” For me, it means great friends, great food, the perfect cappuccino, cuddles with Phoebe, flowers on my desk, and a trip to the farmer’s market. I’d love to hear your list, and you can actually enter to win all of ELLE’s 2014 Beauty Genius products just by sharing! Hop on over to ELLE for all the details, and be sure to pickup a copy of the April issue to read more about this collaboration!