After reading this morning’s Little Things post, I’m almost embarrassed to to admit to  you guys how much time I’ve spent today basking in memories of summer days filled with playing dress up and frolicking worry-free. Of course, I’m now realizing that growing up, my games of Ring Around the Rosey and Freeze Tag were missing a crucial component: these gorgeous fabric & paper crowns that Carrie created. (what was I thinking?!) I’m so in love with this DIY as a totally simple, yet super special way to add whimsy and excitement to your average visit to the park, and I’m already thinking up ways to make my own grown-up versions. Keep reading for the step-by-step instructions…

  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • thick ribbon
  • thin ribbon
  • thick paper or cardstock in various patterns and colors
  • stretchy headband (something like this)

  1. Cut ribbon lengths long enough to wrap around child’s head and then drape down their back. This length will vary based on your preference and your child’s height. Use a couple of dots of hot glue to adhere the wider ribbon to the thinner.
  2. Choose an overall theme for your crown (geometric, sharp lines, organic floral shapes, etc.) and start cutting. I found it easiest to just cut a bunch of shapes and start arranging them  after — that way I wasn’t trying too hard to get anything just right, but rather making what I had work.
  3. Use small dots of hot glue to place your shapes together to build a larger form that will be the main piece of the crown. When you are pleased with the overall shape, use a couple of dots of hot glue again to adhere the crown shape to the ribbons.
  4. Lastly, glue the ribbons and crown to the headband. Let cool and dry. Put the headband around your little lady’s head and pull the ribbons back to tie a bow over the headband to hide it, then let her lose to conquer the world.

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Chanel Dror