Fowl Play

By Chanel Dror
Fowl Play Inspiration Board

Fowl Play Inspiration Board
Inspiration strikes in the most unpredictable places. It’s not that I disliked chickens and roosters before, I’d just never been especially fond of them (their eggs, on the other hand, I’ve always been unabashedly obsessed with)… that is, until I stumbled upon these photos from “The Magnificent Chicken.” One glimpse of the dramatic fowl and I was pinning one bird after another, and even reading up on raising backyard chickens and building a coop. Granted, my downtown loft doesn’t exactly lend itself to keeping a chicken flock, so for now I’m exercising my newfound fixation the only way I know how: a pretty mood board. So whether you’re a chicken lover or not so much, here’s hoping today’s feathery inspiration helps you kick off a happy Thanksgiving week.

Black cockerel chicken with toile background by Tamara Staples via Slate; Fowl chart from Etsy; Floral toile wallpaper from Fabrics & PapersEggs in a basket from Tartelette; Collecting eggs photo by Nicole Franzen; Chickens from Garden & GunToile china set (original source unknown); Mini eggs benedict from What Katie Ate; Chicken coop from Williams-Sonoma; Eggs from Martha Stewart