Have You Found Your Dream House Online?

By Chanel Dror

Close your eyes (figuratively speaking, of course, since you need to keep reading to complete the exercise) and imagine your dream house. I don’t mean the one that you pinned this morning with the great sofa, or the one you drove past last week with an amazing wrap-around porch… I mean the one that’s perfect down to the last detail. It might exist in your imagination, or if you’re like us, it exists in real life. You know because you’ve spotted it online and return to it repeatedly any time you’re in need of some interior design inspiration.

A few weeks ago, Camille, Jenn and I went off on a tangent sharing the homes that each of us felt perfectly embodied the house of our respective dreams… and it was so fun. So we thought we’d open the conversation up to you guys: Amidst your dozens of Pinterest boards (Perfect Bedrooms, Dream Kitchens, Amazing Floors), and between your binders of magazine tear-sheets, is there one house that’s always stuck with you? A home that you could pack up and move into today, without hesitation and without making a single change? Click through to see the ones our team picked, and in the comments section, share the link to your dream house!

Designer Rose Uniacke’s London Home

“I’ve got a Pinterest board overflowing with inspirational spaces that I love, but when I stumbled upon this London home, it stood out above the rest as the obvious house of my dreams. It’s totally grand, yet beautifully simple at the same time… let me know when you’re ready to sell, Rose!” — Chanel Dror

Sarah Costello’s New Orleans Manor

“Oooh. This is hard. There are so many inspiring things out there on the internet, but Sarah Costello’s 19th century Gothic Italianate is very close to my own fantasies. It’s got that perfectly weathered elegance. Just the right amount of eccentricity. So much texture and and a focus on art… And a red ping pong table in a formal living room. What more do you want?” — Jennifer Rose Smith

Laura Bailey’s Country Home

“A home styling tip I learned from my mother, I have long been fan of decorating a space by contrasting vintage and contemporary style. When I stumbled across this article of Vogue Editor Laura Bailey’s home, it was like a snapshot taken from my greatest Pinterest daydreams. I fell in love! The charming ivy-covered red brick exterior perfectly balances her sun-filled, modern styling inside. It’s a refreshing home with plenty of natural light (I fall for those floor-to-ceiling windows every time) and open, welcoming spaces made for entertaining. Not to mention she has the courtyard of my dreams! Anyone know where I can find an exact replica in Austin?” — Emily Boyd

The House of Jessica Rastegar and Her Son, Wolf

“There are so many stunning houses to browse online, but I always find myself coming back to the house of Jessica Rastegar and her son Wolf. I love everything about it, the colors, the texture, the tile, the nursery! Her house is somehow both aspiration and attainable at the same time. Every corner is so serene, I’d love to wake up and have a coffee in her breakfast nook or lounge in one of her beautiful, window-facing lounge chairs.” — Kelly Colchin

Modern Southern California Home Designed by Atelier AM

“I’m drawn to so many different styles of homes, from midcentury to super contemporary to eclectic, but the style I’d really love to live in every day is perfectly expressed by the clean lines and Spanish influence of this West Coast home. Huge doors and windows flood each room with light, and the mix of wood, stucco, and stone throughout keep it feeling modern but still cozy and warm — a serene refuge to come home to at the end of the day.” — Camille Styles

Florence Welch’s London Home

“I am obsessed with Florence Welch’s (of Florence and the Machine) home. When I was a teenager, and I started to think about what my ‘adult house’ would look like, this is what I pictured. Her beautifully curated home is the essence of bohemian, free spirited beauty. I love how the vintage tapestries, wild flower bouquets, piles of vintage dresses all look casually thrown together without looking messy. Also, her closet is everything.” — Molly Kendrick

Mario Testino’s Casa of Curiosities

“I find something to love about every home, but the two constants for me are always bright natural light and art. When Mario Testino’s L.A. home made a cameo in a Vogue editorial it had everything I aspire to for my own home. It’s the perfect mix of art and furniture from different periods and places, all set against a bright white backdrop. Unfortunately they say it takes time to collect a home full of interesting pieces, but I want it now! (Must work on patience in the new year).” — Cristina Cleveland

Kelly Wearstler’s Chic Malibu Home

“Ever since I stayed in a Kelly Wearstler property, I’ve fan-girl’d over her interior designs, attention detail and now her beautifully chic home. I love that every room tells a different story, and speaks to Kelly’s cool aesthetic. From bleached walnut floors and marble-paneled walls to ornate sculptures, I find it stimulating yet zen with the beach as the backdrop.” — Kelly Krause