DIY Mixed Metal Ornaments

By Chanel Dror

DIY mixed metal christmas tree ornaments

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, thy leaves are so… bare. If you haven’t been collecting and curating one-of-a-kind, heirloom ornaments for the last 5+ years, there’s a chance that your tree is in need of a little love. And while you could go out and buy classic glass balls in bulk, it’s always fun to see what kind of creations are born when options are limited (for example, Jenn mentioned to me that when she bought her first tree, she decorated it with silverware because it was the only shiny thing she had at home!).

I spotted this bag of assorted metal at the hardware store earlier this year, and thought that it could easily be transformed for someone who wanted a modern, quick solution to trimming an entire tree. Thirty minutes later and for under $20, an entire collection of mixed metal ornaments was made. Keep reading for the easy breezy instructions…

DIY mixed metal christmas tree ornaments

DIY mixed metal christmas tree ornaments

 copper, brass and stainless steel metal assortment
black and white twine
hot glue gun


1. Cut twine into 5-inch long segments

2. Loop twine piece, and use hot glue to adhere to metal piece