Monochromatic Monday :: London Blues

By Jenn Rose Smith
Rock and Roll Inspiration Board | Camille Styles

Rock and Roll Inspiration Board | Camille StylesThe thought entered my mind a few weeks ago and I can’t get it out: I want to paint my bedroom blue. Really, really dark blue. “You know, like a sort of England-in-the-sixties, rock-and-roll-hotel sort of blue,” I told a friend. “That could be… cool,” she said cautiously, then added, “you know dark colors make rooms feel smaller.” I know she’s right, so I haven’t picked up a can of Farrow & Ball yet (yes, they make “Drawing Room Blue”). But in the meantime I can’t stop searching Pinterest for images of rooms painted this decadently dark hue. I’ve come across some great ones of Mick and Marianne just hanging out being fabulous and it’s giving me the itch to throw caution to the wind and just go for it…after all, what’s more rock and roll than that?

image sources {row one} simple everyday glamour, blue is the colour of emma’s hair, gallery wall of york house via ladue news (photo by bjorn wallander), {row two} photo of jean shrimpton by david bailey, top hat illustration found via pinterest, corn husk flowers by the house that lars built, british stamp featuring queen elizabeth II {row three} hotel saint cecilia photographed by michael a. muller, poppium wallpaper in french navy by house of hackney,, mick and marianne photographed by slim aarons