Monochromatic Monday :: Persimmon

By Chanel Dror
persimmon color inspiration | camille styles

persimmon color inspiration | camille styles

If you’ve never tasted a persimmon, please add it to the top of your to-do list this week. They’re in their prime ripeness this time of year, and the flavor is really unlike any other fruit. I first fell in love with the small orange delights during my time in Israel years ago, where they were so fresh, I ate them like candy while exploring the country. Fortunately, they’re available here in Texas, and we’ve got a bowl of persimmons piled high on our kitchen counter… a perfectly seasonal snack that’s considerably more nutritious than the decadent cakes and pies that seem to be ubiquitous this time of year (although, who am I kidding… keep those coming too!) Inspiring autumnal notions of cozy knits and cool weather, in my mind the persimmon is as “fall” as you can get… who’s with me?!

image sources: persimmons still life from passionate about baking; girl in orange outfit, photo by guy aroch via habitually chic; scarf from peruvian connection; striped rug from dwellstudio; orange pom pom sweater from romwe; persimmon tree by meisi photographyleather baggy in persimmon; orange record via muzze (original unknown); persimmons in kraft paper (original unknown); plaid fabric (original source unknown); flour for persimmon oatmeal cookies from happyolks