Monochromatic Monday :: Piña Colada

By Camille Styles
Pina Colada Inspiration Board | Camille Styles

Pina Colada Inspiration Board | Camille StylesWith July 4th under our belts, it feels like we’re in the home stretch of summer… and if we don’t embrace the lazy, carefree days now, we’ll turn around one day and autumn will have surprised us with its all-too-sudden arrival. There are a handful of activities that only feel right in the heat of summer: listening to Jimmy Buffett with the windows rolled down, wearing cutoffs to the office (yes, we do that), eating snow cones that are almost sickeningly sweet, and most definitely, drinking piña coladas. Pineapples have certainly been having a moment this season, and before I completely tire of them and place a pineapple ban on all my Pinterest boards, I thought I’d have one last hurrah and indulge all my summertime fantasies in one extremely fruity inspiration board. Don’t you just want to dive in and swim around? This week, my summertime challenge to you is to ditch work early, go home and mix up a slushy piña colada (here’s a virgin, too), and don’t forget to stick an umbrella in it. And I’d love to know: what activities and rituals scream summertime to you?

*images: {row 1} beverly hills martinique wallpaper as seen in wall street journal, my buckett, petrovsky & ramone for vogue netherlands via here, louise jones {row 2} toast, palm trees, fete press {row 3} kitsuné, anyone know original source for the girls in the pool? {row 4} designlovefest, original shoe source?, socks and sandals cocktail.