Remember two weeks ago when I asked for opinions on which bookends I should DIY at home? Well, I wasn’t completely surprised to see an almost unanimous vote in both the comments and on twitter for the gold bricks. For my project, I took inspiration from the elements you all loved about those book ends, then made them a little more “Claire” by adding feminine lace detailing. Want to know how to make a pair to decorate your own stylish shelving? Keep reading for the very simple steps!

  1. Clean off your bricks with a hose and lay them out to dry.
  2. Once dry, wrap the lace trim around the brick to measure and cut 2 segments to size.
  3. With the brick standing upright long-ways, spray a layer of white paint on top half of it, covering all four sides.
  4. Once dry, spray a thin coat of the Krylon Easy-Tack Repositionable Adhesive onto the back of one of the lace trim pieces.
  5. Position lace and wrap around white part of brick.
  6. Spray a coat of gold paint carefully, covering the entire brick.
  7. When the paint is dry (it should dry quickly), delicately peel the lace off.
  8. Add the rubber pads to the bottom and voila!

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