Hosting Tips

Two Sinister Halloween Printables

By Chanel Dror

You’ve got the inspiration and your menu is set… the only thing left? Do-it-yourself decor elements that’ll have guests buzzing, and a little piece of the party for them to take home as favors. Thankfully, both details can come together in a flash, and require nothing more than a few materials you likely already own, and a trusty printer that’s up for the job. Keep reading to learn how to recreate our unforgettable poison bottle flower vases and poison ivy party favors…

*photography by Melanie Grizzel


Poison Bottle Flower Vases


  • Vintage glass bottles in different colors, shapes and sizes
  • Printable poison labels
  • Spray adhesive or sticker paper


  1. Print out poison labels on regular weight printer paper or sticker paper.
  2. Cut out labels.
  3. Ensure that the entire surface of the glass bottle is clean. Peel sticker paper and adhere to bottle, or spray surface of the bottle with spray adhesive and attach label.
  4. Allow to dry, then fill with a few inches of water and dried flower stems.


Poison Ivy Favor Tags


  • small potted ivy plants (we used Boston Ivy)
  • small pots or containers
  • printable poison ivy labels
  • wooden sticks
  • black spray paint
  • craft glue


  1. Repot ivy plants in small pots. Set aside.
  2. Spray paint wooden sticks black (one for each favor).
  3. Print poison ivy labels, cut out, then attach to stick ends with craft glue.
  4. Insert into potted ivy.