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An Easter Brunch with Timothy Corrigan

By Chanel Dror
easter party garden

We first featured Timothy Corrigan‘s spectacular eye-for-design a couple years ago when we shared his holiday entertaining style at the fabulously renovated Château du Grand-Lucé in France (a post with such grandeur, I find myself revisiting it for inspiration way too often.) A few months later, we travelled back to the Loire Valley for another taste of Timothy’s hosting style, at an equally awe-inspiring spring lunch under the trees. Today we’re jet setting yet again, this time joining Timothy at his LA home for an Easter brunch that has us counting down until next Sunday.  Brimming with freshly picked blooms and striking spring colors, the inspiring table is a perfect reflection of Timothy’s signature “casual elegance.” Click through for all the gorgeous details, and be sure to bookmark this one for all your Easter planning!

*photography by Mary Costa

Tell us about the entertaining space:

While I typically do my outdoor entertaining in the backyard of my Los Angeles home, my front yard has lovely fountains and treillage (or latticework), so sometimes it is fun to plan events around the fountains. The treillage on either end of the front yard is backed by mirror which reflects the garden and catches the sunlight.


The pair of fountains (each with its own 18th-century bust) create a sense of tranquility. Because the space is a bit formal, I added the bunny ears on the busts to show that it’s important to always create a fun and playful atmosphere when entertaining.

What’s your favorite part about Easter entertaining?

It doesn’t matter what your religion; I think that Easter is a fun opportunity to bring out your bright colored clothes and decorations. I have wonderful childhood memories of making intricate Ukranian style Easter eggs with wax and multiple layers of different colored dyes to create the most amazing jewel-toned eggs.

As a child I loved Easter egg hunts and I am convinced that I probably developed my insatiable sweet tooth from too many jelly beans before the age of six!

How did you decide what to serve your guests?

When it comes to holidays, I think people come to expect traditional foods, which create a sense of nostalgia and comfort. Of course it’s always nice to throw in an unexpected twist or a surprise dish just to keep things interesting.

I also like to think about the way food looks, and loved that the berries and garden salad naturally picked up the multi colors of the tablecloth.

Click here to get the recipe for Timothy’s Orange & Chocolate Chip scones. 

Give us details about this amazing flower arrangement! 

We created the flower arrangement ourselves in an old stone urn using a mix of white and pink Stargazer lilies, tulips, Gerber daises, ranunculus, and a few Cherry Blossom branches. Nothing says spring like daffodils, so we placed them in small sterling silver cups scattered around the table.

More on the tablescape, please: 

Nothing says Spring more than brightly colored flowers, so I used my “Huntington Gardens” fabric for Schumacher that is inspired by the spectacular gardens that are located nearby in Pasadena, California.

The fabric served as a terrific starting off point for the tablescape, as it showcased all of the elements of spring with its colorful flowers and birds.

*Sources: Timothy Corrigan “Huntington Gardens” fabric for Schumacher, napkins by Lana’s Embroidery, Timothy Corrigan “White Star” china for Royal Limoges

What’s are some entertaining rules you try to live by?

My motto is that entertaining should be as fun for the host as it is for the guest. I don’t stress too much over the food, but I do enjoy focusing on the details, just as I do in my interior design projects.

For example, we had the napkins embroidered with a bird that matches the one in the tablecloth fabric. The flowers from the fabric also show up on the place cards.

A party favor, in this case one of my candles, is a nice extra touch. Champagne or a signature cocktail helps ensure that everyone, including the host, is relaxed and having a good time!

Any advice for hosting any kind of gathering?

Don’t be afraid to try playful and inexpensive tablescapes. You can find terrific resources from stores like Pottery Barn, craft or thrift shops.

The most important thing is to make an effort to make the party feel special, and nothing says that more than a table that clearly shows you care enough about your guests to make an extra effort!