Entertaining With :: Lila and Jeremy Stewart

By Emma Banks
Entertaining With :: Hari Mari | Photography by Kelly Christine for Camille Styles

Jeremy and Lila Stewart started their journey together in Indonesia, helping children in need through documentary film production and orphanage volunteer work, respectively. When they moved back to the U.S., it was only natural that their pursuit of bettering the lives of children continued, this time on their home turf. Enter Hari Mari, a flip-flop company focused on much more than the perfect thong sandal… while high quality, eco-conscious kicks are definitely of the upmost priority, Hari Mari is also hyper-concentrated on giving back, specifically, to kids battling cancer. With that said, we couldn’t be more excited to take a peak inside the home of this truly kind-hearted family. Click through to take a peak at this envy-worthy evening at their Dallas home, featuring refreshing bubbly cocktails and traditional Asian fare.

Photography by Kelly Christine Musgraves

How did you come to start Hari Mari? 

Our experiences in Indonesia spurred a collective passion for helping kids in need. When we moved back to the U.S. and identified an unmet need in the flip-flop arena, Hari Mari was born. 

When we first started to entertain the idea of creating a new and unique flip flop brand, we felt strongly that we should find a way to help kids at the same time. We learned that pediatric cancer was the most fatal disease among American kids, so we decided that for every pair purchased, Hari Mari would donate $3 to kids battling cancer. 

The entertaining rule you never break:

Plan ahead! 


What does Hari Mari mean?

“Hari” means “sun” in Indonesian, and “Mari” means “sea” in Latin. 

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Who you usually have over for dinner parties:

Friends and family.

Your standard hosting outfit:

For a casual evening, jeans and a comfortable top with a pair of Hari Maris. For dressier occasions, my go-to is Hampden Clothing, a boutique run by Stacy Smallwood, who curates incredible brands from established and up and coming designers. 

Your current favorite color palette for parties:

I’m a blue gal!

Your favorite Hari Mari moments:

I would say our most cherished moments have been seeing the amount of support that has come from our friends and family. It’s been overwhelming and we’re so thankful for it. And, it’s always fun having a random a Hari Mari sighting too!


Your dream dinner party guests:

This list is endless, but to pick women who are still alive and who have inspired me throughout my life I would love to have to say Oprah, Liz Gilbert and Sheryl Sandberg.

Your must-have entertaining tools:

My timer, lemon squeezer and large cutting knife.

On the menu for tonight’s dinner:

We are serving beef, chicken and vegetable Shabu Shabu, fried rice with two dipping sauces, and a sesame soy-ginger sauce. 

This sauce is amazing and great on many things, salads, pastas, meat anything really!

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Your perfect dinner party playlist:

Beatles, Fleetwood Mac with some Deer Tick and Cave Singers in the mix.

Your signature entertaining dish:

I don’t have one because I’m constantly trying new recipes. Instead of having a few go-to recipes I usually opt for one I’ve never tried. 

Your most memorable night of entertaining guests:

After moving into our home we had a house warming party.  Before we had finished cooking, the electricity went out in the entire neighborhood, mid-party, but it didn’t stop us from having a good time. We ordered pizzas, dined in candlelight, and the party didn’t stop. It was definitely one of our most memorable entertaining experiences. 

The taste you are always craving:

Healthy comfort food.

Always in your refrigerator:

White wine and cheese and crackers.

Your entertaining style in five words or less:

Have a good time!