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Entertaining With :: Poplin & Queen

By Chanel Dror

Hard to believe, I know, but Labor Day is officially upon us. It’s bittersweet: a weekend full of revelry and family time is always a good thing, but kissing summer goodbye sure does sting. So to help soften the blow, we’ve turned to interior designers Lindsey and Shannon of Poplin & Queen. The duo is joining us today to share their glamorous spaces, as well as their tips and tricks for infusing style into the last bash of summer 2014. Click through for all the Palm Springs-inspired details, and be sure to mix up a batch of their sparkling grapefruit cocktail to help kick things off this weekend.

*Photography by Millie Holloman

Your entertaining style in 5 words or less: 

Bold, fresh, and sophisticated.

Your must-have entertaining tool:

Beautiful vintage folding chairs to accommodate drop-in guests.

What scares you about entertaining:

Entertaining should be as effortless as designing your home: there’s little to stress about when you are true to yourself and your style.


Your standard hostess gift:

Our go-to gift for clients is always a soft throw blanket, Bellocq tea, and a carefully selected book from Assouline.

What makes a meal memorable?

Good friends and a great atmosphere always make the meal. When dining al fresco, we love to bring pieces from inside to the outside. For this intimate meal, we brought the dining table, chairs, and throw pillows outdoors to instantly create a cozy dining atmosphere.

Current favorite color palette:

We love to layer color over neutrals. At the moment we are craving shades of ivory mixed with a pop of soothing lilac.

Your dream dinner guests:

Babe Paley, Ina Garten, and Eddie Ross.

Always in your refrigerator:

Chilled Prosecco and cheese straws – guests can’t refuse either!

How does your interior design style translate to your entertaining style?

Personal style is something we value heavily when designing a room, and the same goes for entertaining. For us, it’s about gathering different, unique pieces that appeal to our tastes and bringing them together. Another trick we use time and time again is using detailed fabric to dress a table. Guests are always wowed by the extra step.

The entertaining rule I rarely break:

As Katharine Hepburn once said, “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” We like to use our grandmother’s china with vintage midcentury highball glasses. Just like our interiors, it’s all about mixing in the unexpected to add interest and spark conversations.

The perfect dinner party playlist includes:

You might hear the classic “A Fine Romance” by Ella Fitzgerald, but we’ll also throw a little Justin Timberlake onto Spotify as well.

Get the recipe for their Sparkling Grapefruit Cocktail here

What’s next for Poplin & Queen Interiors?

Our website launches Monday, September 8th,  and we are always exploring ways to offer a retail to our list of services.