Ash here, with the third and final installment of our Floral Trimmings series. Holiday season to me is a celebration of life and family, and this feeling rings especially true this year. After my accident I am trying to live life to the fullest and in doing so, I thought I’d make a festive Christmas crown. I’m planning on making and wearing one on Christmas Eve and you should too!

  • naked seeded eucalyptus
  • 24 gage straight wire
  • clippers
  • scabiosa
  • ranunculus
  • flower tape

I started with some naked seeded eucalyptus.  It is sturdy enough to build the base of your crown.  Cut small pieces of the berry and wire together, layering on top of each other.  I like to make it in front of mirror so I can use my reflection to see how it is coming together.

Cut each flower head off of the stem leaving ½”.  Then cut a piece of wire in half and thread it through the base of the flower head.  Bend the wire so you create an X.

Wrap the base of the flower and wire in flower tape and wrap that around the base of the crown.  I tend to place a small cluster of flowers to the side-not centered.

 Once the flowers are in place, wire the ends of the crown together, place it on your head and walk out the door!

*photography by Carli Kiene

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Ash Bailey