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A Gift Wrapping Party

December 19th, 2014

Francis Ford Coppola’s grandmother, Maria Zasa, spoke four languages – English, Italian, Arabic and French and with each sip of wine she would offer a toast, “À votre Santé” – to your health. Today, Grandma Zasa Coppola’s memory, and her celebration of family and togetherness, is honored with Coppola’s Votre Santé collection of wine. Inspired by the story behind these wines, I hosted a pre-holiday get-together with a few close friends and family at a gift wrapping party that celebrates tradition… and delicious food and wine, of course. In addition to a decked-out gift wrapping station, I set out the makings for a build-your-own grilled cheese buffet and all the wines to pair them with. Click through for all the fun, and I’d love to hear: how do you and your family toast the holidays each year?

*photos by kate lesueur

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We wanna know...

How do you and your family toast the holidays each year?

  1. Love the history behind it! & I’d love to attend such an event. Well done. (:

    ? | | xoxo

  2. karin says:

    FYI…love the side shows, but very often the writing is not easy to see in between the pictures….just saying! thanks

  3. KiKiMac says:

    How fun! Love the grilled cheese sandwich bar idea. And I’d like to go to a wrapping party…just not at my house – so I wouldn’t have to clean it all up!! I know how my table looks after I wrap presents! Isn’t that Caspari gold party animal wrapping paper so fabulous??! I found it with only two presents left to wrap. It’s definitely my favorite!


  4. erin says:

    Love this party idea… And now I’m obsessed with those wine glasses. Source info?

  5. Ella says:

    I love the idea of wrapping napkins with cinnamon sticks. What a festive touch!

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