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10 Best Picnic Baskets

By Lauren Smith Ford

If you haven’t noticed from this week’s posts like Monday’s dreamy spring picnic or Tuesday’s build-your-own tartines, we have a serious thing for picnics! There’s something that feels so festive and special about packing up a smorgasbord of your favorite bites accompanied by a bottle (or bottles) of wine and holding court under your most beloved tree for al fresco dining on a blanket under the stars. With picnics on the brain, we assembled a group of our favorite baskets to inspire you with vessel ideas to pack all your goodies in for you next outing. Happy Picnicking!

1. Picnic Basket by A Sunny Afternoon

2. Hillside Picnic Basket by Anthropologie

3. Lined Picnic Hamper by Target

4. Apolis + Kinfolk Garden Bag by Apolis Global

5. Vintage Woven Wicker Basket by Etsy 

6. Half Peck Natural Basket by Texas Basket 

image source

7. Straw basket by Etsy

8. Wicker Picnic Basket by Williams Sonoma

9. Kit Basket by Northwest Picnic

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10. Liberty Traditional Picnic Basket by Brookstone

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