We’ve been a big fan of New York City-based artist Samantha French ever since we discovered her work via Lonny Magazine. Her dreamy large-scale oil paintings remind us of summers past and have us wistful for pool-time in the future. We caught up with Samantha, who was kind enough to offer our readers a special offer of 10% on prints in her etsy store with the code Holiday10. One of her prints makes a great (and affordable!) gift for the art collector in your life, as well as a fine addition to your own salon wall. Read below to find out what else Samantha recommends for artful giving this year:

 1. Is there a homemade gift item you recommend?
Art prints! Be sure and use the special code Holiday10 for 10% off all prints.

2. Is there any piece of jewelry you’re wishing for this year?
As an artist ie; small business owner, I realize how important it is to shop locally, handmade and or small business when possible. I’d love to receive either the Talhakimt Necklace or the Turquoise Mountain Necklace from Ship and Shape. Ship and Shape is a great online collective based out of my home state, Minnesota. They do small editions of handmade goods.

3. Any ideas for a great clothing gift?
this adorable and bright sweater from OASAP

4. A decorative home item?
this black and white striped blanket from Amber Interiors

5. Do you send thank you notes for Christmas gifts? If so, do you have a favorite press or set of thank you cards?
Thank you cards are a must. I was always taught to send them and I never realized why it was so important until I moved out of state and don’t get to be around friend/family when they’re opening gifts. It only takes five minutes and lets someone know you appreciate the thought they put into something. Emails don’t count.
I love these Happy Happy Cards by Richie Designs Letterpress and they are perfect to use all year round.

6. Any ideas for a fun accessory gift?
Scout & Catalogue’s leather detailed clutches

7. A culinary gift?
Le Cruset dutch ovens, they’re a splurge but last forever! I would not mind receiving one of these. Plus they come in all sorts of great colors.

8. A stocking stuffer?
Everyone uses hand soap (or at least I hope they do)so you can’t go wrong with that. This one from Anthropologie has the perfect not-too-strong vanilla scent.

9 and 10. Are there any decorative home items you’d love to receive this year?
This pink milk glass cake stand from Fishs Eddy and a hand painted table cloth from Bonnie And Neil.

11. Any ideas for a fun kids gift?
I love giving my nieces and nephews project or experience oriented gifts, like these Andree Prigent Animal Masks from MoMA.

12. Do you have any go-to gift ideas for co-workers or acquaintances?
I love giving coffee, my parents have an independent coffee shop in Minnesota where they roast every day. It is the best/freshest coffee you’ll ever drink and a special treat I like to give to my friends out here in NY.

13. Any certain books on your wish list this year?
Euan Uglow: The Complete Paintings
. Uglow is one of my all time favorite painters and has been a big inspiration for me.

14. What do the holidays mean to you? What’s your favorite thing about this time of year?
I love getting together with my family and friends. Seeing my nieces and nephews get so excited really brings back that magical feeling I had when I was a kid.

15. What’s your favorite holiday tradition?
Baking and putting together elaborate cookie “boxes” for my friends. Filled with cookies, homemade caramels, mini cakes etc.  Also, receiving them from my grandma. She still sends me a package of spritz cookies and addicting chex mix. If you can’t tell the holidays revolve around baking in my family.

16. What’s a complete “splurge” item you’d love to give or receive this year?
Honestly, it’s been a crazy year for me and I would not turn down a vacation. Even just a relaxing weekend away… but my dream splurge vacation, to give or get, would be the The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort in the French Polynesia.

Either that, or a spin class package.

We’ll meet you in Bora Bora, Samantha. Anytime. Thanks for stopping by!

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