Hosting Tips

Give the Gift of Tea

By Chanel Dror

Hard to believe that today marks the two week countdown to the big day! How are you all doing with your shopping, decoration, advent calendars, party planning, vacations, and everything that falls in between? Around here, the holidays seems to have creeped up on us in a major way… so much so that we’ve opted to do an office-wide Secret Santa (meaning that each of us only has to buy one gift!). Feeling like your holiday gifting could use a second wind? We’ve teamed up with Teavana to come up with five last-minute gifting ideas that’ll be sure to reinvigorate you. From small tokens of affection for coworkers to more thoughtful presents for close family members, we’ve got a little something for everyone…

1. Christmas Morning Breakfast for the Holiday Hostess with the Mostess

For the infallible hostess who always has things under control, we put together a gift basket with all the makings of a memorable and balanced Christmas morning brunch. There’s no better way to kick off the most wonderful day of the year than with organic pancake mix, fresh jam, wholesome apples and loose leaf tea with a tea spoon… plus, any gift that lessens your recipients to-do list is a surefire win.

Teavana’s Chocolate Chai Black Tea is the perfect blend to include in a winter breakfast spread. With rich dark chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla, it’s got just enough smoothness and spice to pair with a decadent, hearty breakfast.

To assemble this basket, begin by lining your container with a tea towel, then inserting the larger items: a bag of pancake mix (wrapped in butcher paper and twine to cover any unsightly packaging) and a jar of fresh jam, topped with a bow and Teavana’s Perfect Tea Spoon. Add two ripe apples and a clear container of Chocolate Chai Black Tea, then tie red and white baker’s twine around the entire basket, and garnish with a few sprigs of greenery from — you guessed it — your Christmas tree.

2. Loose Leaf Tea for Your Foodie Coworker

For all those people on your list who have you stumped — like neighbors, clients and coworkers — we love the idea of gifting each of them with one of Teavana’s Frosted Tins, filled with 5 oz. of delicious White Chocolate Peppermint Tea. Custom designed and made of tin-plated steel, they’ll keep tea fresh long after the holidays are over. And although each of these hand-wrapped tins are already gorgeous, we like to leave a little something to the imagination… plus, we’ll take any opportunity we can get to wrap something.

How to wrap a cylinder:

1. Cut wrapping paper to fit entirely around the tube, with enough left-over on the ends to cover the top of the tube. Wrap and tape the wrapping paper in place.

2. Use scissors to snip into the extra wrapping paper on either end, creating 1/2-inch “petals”

3. Fold down one petal at a time, and when the last one is pressed down, use tape to secure in place.

4. Top with ribbon, fresh greenery or berries and a tag for added color and texture.

3. Snow Day Survival Kit for Your Bookworm Sister

This time of year, sometimes nothing sounds better than cuddling up at home and unwinding with loved ones over card games, classic books and cozy tea. Give the gift of R&R with this gift box filled with everything needed to kick back and relax…

First into the crinkle-filled container goes Teavana’s heavenly Holiday Tea Collection (including White Chocolate Peppermint Tea), with four amazing blends packaged in an equally gorgeous box.  Then give your lucky recipient an easy way to try them all using Teavana’s Perfectea Maker — a simple, efficient and clean way to steep tea.

Last but certainly not least: a pair of plush slippers, some classic hardback novels and a deck of playing cards are added to the mix, rounding out the supplies needed for a snowed-in evening well spent.

4. Grab-and-Go Gift Cards for Last Minute Gifting

We’ve all been there: it’s the week before Christmas, and there are about a dozen people who we’ve yet to buy gifts for. If you ask us, there’s no simpler way to make a major dent on your shopping list than by purchasing a handful of gift cards in one fell swoop. Sure, they tend to get a bad rap, but by adding a personal touch with a gorgeous wrapping job, a gift card can be easily transformed to be much more…

How to wrap a gift card…

1. Place the gift card in the center of a 6″ paper doily. Use a small piece of double sided tape on the back of the gift card to secure it in place.

2. Fold in the right and left sides of the doily, and crease over the gift card.

3. Fold up and crease the bottom of the doily, then fold down and crease the top of the doily.

4. Wrap ribbon or twine around packaged card, and tie in a bow.

5.  Gingerbread Men in a Box for the Busy Mom

With the kids home on winter break, exciting days filled with holiday cheer can quickly become tiresome and chaotic. Help your favorite busy mama keep the peace this holiday season with a gift basket that’s got a little something for everyone: loose leaf tea and an insulated tumbler for mom, and all the materials needed to decorate gingerbread men for the kids.

Inspired by the rich, bold flavors of gingerbread cookies, Teavana’s Gingerbread Tea is bursting with the season’s most beloved scents and flavors. Help mom brew and enjoy it on the go with a stainless steel Snowflake Tumbler.


This week only…

In-store: Get a holiday tea-filled tin (with White Chocolate Peppermint Tea & Gingerbread Tea) and a snowflake tumbler for only $50 (a $70 value).

Online Only: Get the White Chocolate Peppermint Tea-Filled Tin and the White Snowflake Tumbler for only $50 (a $70 value).

For the kids, bundle up homemade gingerbread men, toppings like frosting and candy, and popsicle sticks for crafting. Package it all together with raffia or twine, then add sprigs of greenery anywhere that’s in need of some filler.