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Our Holiday Card Picks (and a $500 giveaway!)

By Camille Styles
Minted Holiday Card Giveaway

I have a tradition of getting most of my cards written, addressed, and ready for mailing during the long Thanksgiving weekend. When everyone’s settled into their turkey coma, I curl up in front of the fire with my cards and a cup of tea — and it’s become one of my favorite rituals to kickoff the holiday season. (Or to make it even more festive, why not throw a “sign and stamp social,” like we did this year?We thought it would be fun to share a few of our staff picks for this year’s holiday cards from Minted, as well as the cards that almost made it to the tops of our list. Click through for all our faves, and just in time to order your holiday cards, it’s super simple for you to win $500 at Minted! All you have to do is enter here for your chance to win, any time between now and Sunday, November 30th at midnight. Good luck!

Camille’s 3rd Choice: Calligraphic Joy Holiday Photo Cards

Camille’s 2nd Choice: Instant Film Holiday Photo Cards

Camille’s 1st Choice: Metropolis Holiday Photo Cards

Jenn’s 3rd Choice: By The Fire Holiday Non-Photo Cards

Jenn’s 2nd Choice: Foxes Leaps Holiday Non-Photo Cards

Jenn’s 1st Choice: Berry Wreath Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Jessi’s 3rd Choice: Merry Stripes Holiday Non-Photo Cards

Jessi’s 2nd Choice: Festive Craft Holiday Postcards

Jessi’s 1st Choice: Festive Glow Holiday Non-Photo Cards

Kelly’s 3rd Choice: Pride & Joy Holiday Photo Cards

Kelly’s 2nd Choice: Stamped With Joy Holiday Photo Cards

Kelly’s 1st Choice: Merry Scriptmas New Year’s Photo Cards