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Transformed :: Embossed Photo Business Cards

September 19th, 2013

DIY embossed instragram business cards | claire zinnecker for camille styles

Claire here, and I’ve got some exciting (and slightly scary) news to share: I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and launch my own part-time interior design business, Claire Zinnecker Design! I feel incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by so many creative, talented and supportive people who have helped me reach this point and shown me the endless possibilities in the world of design, and I know I’ll be reaching out to them more than ever as I embark on this new adventure. Establishing my own business means facing a whirlwind of to-do’s (DBA, EIN, EID, website, resume, portfolio…), so I thought I’d start tackling my list by making DIY business cards (baby steps!). This design is personal and handmade, yet professional and glamorous at the same time. Keep reading to see how I made them, and don’t miss the step-by-step instructions at the end of the post…

DIY embossed instragram business cards | claire zinnecker for camille styles

DIY embossed instragram business cards | claire zinnecker for camille styles

DIY embossed instragram business cards | claire zinnecker for camille styles

  1. Have your favorite Instagram photos printed at 3 3/8″ x 2 1/8″.
  2. Design and order your personalized stamp, keeping in mind the size of the photo prints.
  3. Press the stamp into the pigment ink pad and firmly stamp onto the back of the card. Note: I found that the colored pigment ink actually worked better than the “embossing” pigment ink pad.
  4. Sprinkle the gold embossing powder onto the stamped card, making sure you cover the entire inked area.
  5. Turn over to shake away the excess powder.
  6. Use a paint brush to dust off any stray specks of glitter. Be careful not to touch the letters at any point!
  7. Hold the heat gun a few inches over the card to turn the powder into beautifully embossed type. Make sure not to hold the gun too close or in any one spot for too long.
  8. Embossing dries within 5-10 seconds. Repeat for each card.

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  1. CBO says:

    Congrats and good news! The world needs more creative and handy designers like you. Excited to see all the beautiful spaces you will create.

  2. BDC says:

    beautiful project! love it love it.

  3. kate says:

    They turned out beautifully, Claire! And I’m excited for your new biz!! You’re going to be amazing!

  4. Kate says:

    Great job, Claire! Way to persevere until you found a solution.

  5. Kathryn Holmes says:

    Congrats Claire!! I’m so excited for you, I know you’ll do wonderful things!

  6. Carrie says:

    These are great. Congratulations on the new venture!

  7. Love these! Great idea Claire!

  8. Eldon Howe says:

    We have all the confidence in the world that you have the talent to succeed. Good luck! Love, Eldon and Dona

    • clairezinnecker says:

      Thank you Eldon, that means so much! Thanks to you and Dona for inspiring me at a young age with all your artistic talents. Love you both!

  9. babette says:

    Clever idea! And very exciting news to have you going out on your own!

  10. Sara Faulk says:

    Beautiful and a great reflection of your brilliance. Lovely and classy and chic!
    You will be sought after!

  11. korylee says:

    These are too cool! Congrats on the new business!

  12. betty mccutcheon says:

    The cards are great Claire. You are so talented. Good luck on your new adventure.


  13. Christopher White says:

    This is such great news. I’m very proud of you. The cards also look great.

  14. Claudia Henderson says:

    Claire, What a brave and talented woman you are. I am so happy for you. How exciting. I am sure you will do great. You are very gifted.

  15. Gail Roessler says:

    Your cards are like a little present. Congratulations!

  16. Sharen says:

    Claire! Congrats! What a wonderful gift you have been blessed with …and now sharing with the world. Love!

  17. Love all of this Claire! Such talent!

  18. says:

    You, my dear, are a rock star! Everything you create has a bit or a lot of you in it…. Unique, beautiful and interesting. I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. Very, very proud of you!
    xoxo, lisa

  19. Patti says:

    Claire, You are so talented! Even your new business cards are demonstrations of your creativity! Best wishes on your new adventure!! – Patti

  20. Love it! You can find all of the supplies you need through my SOHO business as well… save on running around town or on shopping from multiple suppliers. Personalized stamps, heat tool, emboss ink, emboss powder… yes’m!

  21. Genevieve C. Hoelscher says:

    Claire – So proud of you! Congratulations on your new business venture. Very brave, but
    no doubt, you will “wow” all of us. You know I am a huge fan of yours. Love the embossed
    photo cards. I, totally agree with the first person that commented, “the world needs more
    creative and handy designers like you” !!

  22. Lyuthar says:

    I quite impressed to see your business card design. That’s sound amazing !.

    Twitter: @lyutharjacob


  23. Rachel says:

    My sister and I are starting a business and just loved this idea so we decided to use your diy as inspiration for our business cards. Did you have any trouble with the ink running since the cards are coated a bit? Thanks! Congrats on your business!

    • clairezinnecker says:

      Glad you like them, Rachel!! I actually did have trouble with ink smearing when I used the clear pigment ink…when I used the gold pigment ink pad it worked perfectly! Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions!

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