15 Side Salad Recipes

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Apple Walnut Salad

Fresh fruits can be a sweet and juicy addition to any side salad recipe. This salad exudes fall vibes, but I’m happy to eat it year-round.

Strawberry and Arugula Salad

The mild sweetness that strawberries bring is a great complement to peppery arugula and creamy goat cheese.

Watermelon Chopped Greek Salad

Cutting your main ingredients  roughly the same size is key to maintaining consistent textures and flavors in this refreshing salad.

Simple Citrus Salad

This simple citrus salad can be curated as you please, using grapefruits, oranges, or whichever citruses you have on hand.

Kale Italian Chopped Salad

While kale itself is the star of this side salad, all of its delicious toppings come together to create a bowl of bright, bold, and beautiful flavor.

Mango & Feta Salad

Mango and avocado both bring loads of nutrients to the table and when accompanied by feta, they become practically irresistible.

Charlie Bird  Farro Salad

With plenty of spring veggies and delicious toppings, Charlie Bird’s farro salad has always been one of our favorites.

Radish and Fennel Citrus Salad

Grapefruits double in this recipe as both a salad ingredient and a dressing when paired with rich olive oil and rice wine vinegar.

Chaat Masala Citrus Salad

Simply select a variety of oranges and pair them with a few teaspoons of chaat masala. The flavors will blow your mind.

Pink Raddichio Salad

This pink radicchio salad has been one of our most Instagram-worthy recipes of 2023. This is a bowl that’s sure to stun your dinner party guests all season long.