This Chaat Masala Citrus Salad is the Sweet-Savory Combo You’re Craving

Make the most of citrus season while it lasts.

By Suruchi Avasthi
chaat masala citrus salad

Once in a while, I do something that makes me realize I’m turning into my mom. And I mean that in the best way possible. Growing up, my mom would slice up a pear or an apple, put it into a bowl, and sprinkle with a heavy dose of chaat masala. I would quite literally turn my nose up at the sight — how dare something savory go onto a sweet piece of fruit? She would simply comment about how good it was and continue on. A couple years later and now here I am, admitting that the combination of that funky good spice blend on top of fruit is something to crave on a near-daily basis.

chaat masala citrus salad chaat masala citrus salad

I’ve mentioned this before, but chaat masala might just be my all time favorite spice blend. (I’ve used it on this watermelon salad, this chickpea saladand in this pizza.) It’s a funky blend of spices that is the definition of savory. While you can make your own blend, there are so many spices that go into it that it’s honestly just easier to buy it – I use this blend.

chaat masala citrus salad

While we’re coming to the end of citrus season, I’ve been trying to eat up all the oranges I can find. You can easily make this salad with just oranges, but in the spirit of spring coming around the corner and getting back into all the warm colors that come with the season, I thought it would be so pretty to use all the different kinds of citrus I could find. Gorgeous blood oranges, sweet pink grapefruits, and the perfect orange slices make for a beautiful plate.

This is such an easy plate to put together and it literally radiates joy with all the colors. Avocado adds a little extra substance to the plate, and I think serving this over a bed of greens would be super yummy too.

If my mom was eating this, I imagine she might add some thinly sliced red onions, and my brother might add some chopped chiles for some heat. And in the spirit of using every part of your ingredients, you can add the leftover rinds from your oranges into a giant mason jar to infuse with some water to drink through the day.

I hope you love this flavor combo as much as I do!

chaat masala citrus salad

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