Live Kindly :: Travel Without Sabotaging Your Diet

By Kelly Krause

There’s an old adage that goes, “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.” And while that may sound a little harsh (because let’s face it, sometimes life happens), there is some merit to that. I travel quite a bit throughout the year, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned while being on this journey, it’s that consistency is key. With the help of some advanced planning and researching, my lifestyle doesn’t have to take a backseat while I’m away from my regular routine. Gone are the days of wingin’ it and relying solely on airport restaurants or free in-flight snacks to curb my hunger. While some offer healthier options, not all are on board just yet. Plus, a fun part of traveling is trying new restaurants and indulging on things I don’t normally have. I prefer to save my calories for quality indulgences, like a scone in London or my favorite dessert from my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles, rather than a stale airport bagel or sodium-ladened slice of pizza in between flights. I don’t like coming home from a trip feeling like I need to spend hours in the gym to reverse the damage, but I also don’t like coming home wishing I would’ve tried that one dessert from a James Beard Award-winning chef. As always, it just comes down to finding that balance — whatever it looks like for you. Here are few tips and healthy travel essentials to take along on your journey!

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My travel planning is two-pronged. First, I figure out where I can squeeze in a workout. If my hotel doesn’t have a fitness center, then I research the closest cycling, yoga or pilates studio, as well as popular trails for running, hiking or walking, depending on the climate. In NYC or San Francisco, I tend to visit Soul Cyle. In Los Angeles, I favor Runyon Canyon hikes. I recently visited London and was able to run around St. James Park (I sadly didn’t have a Pippa Middleton (pictured) sighting).

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I pack snacks that will keep me energized and fueled until I reach my destination. I like to be in control of what I eat and have found that even most foods labeled “healthy” come with added salt, oil and sugar. For airports I’m unfamiliar with, I find restaurants in my terminal to see what my options are. Tip: most airlines offer a day-pass to their “Club Room.” If you can spring for it, they tend to carry fresh fruit and healthier offerings. 

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BKR Bottle — During flight, the humidity in the cabin is similar to a dry summer climate, so staying hydrated before, during and after is important. I like to travel with this BPA-free glass bottle as most airports have water stations for you to refill.

7-Minute Workout App — Not every hotel has a gym (especially if you’re in Europe). Or often times if they do, there might be a $25-$50 per day resort fee. This is when the 7 minute workout app saves the day. Everyone has time for 7 minutes and virtually no equipment is required.

Nicole’s Nutty Goodness — Raw, vegan, gluten-free and low calorie. These usually tide me over for short flights. My favorite is the Snappy Ginger.

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Evian Mineral Spray — My skin dries pretty quick on flights, so I always carry this and spritz a few times before takeoff and when I land. And if I have the row to myself, I’ll definitely spritz in-flight.

Running Shoes — I never forget my running shoes. It’s the easiest form of exercise while you’re on the road, plus you’ll get to see parts of the city that you wouldn’t normally see.

Collapse it Containers — These are BPA-free and after you’re done using, they collapse into 1.25″ for slim storage. No one wants extra bulk while traveling. I put my quinoa or raw vegetables in these.

Breakfast Quinoa — This recipe is delicious and so is this one. I make it the night before and pack it in my carry-on so I have a protein-filled snack or breakfast. I use Almond Milk and Agave instead of Maple Syrup (and use 1/3 of what the recipe calls for, but do what works well for you).

Resistance Bands — These are so portable that they even fit in my carry on. I like to have them as a back-up when I don’t have access to a gym. Great for arm exercises, and a simple Google search yields thousands of workouts you can try.

Protein Powder + Shaker — I parse out a few individual servings in baggies and take with me if I’m headed to conference that doesn’t offer a lunch, or if they do, gasp, a healthy lunch.

Homemade Trail Mix — I make my own mix of dried mango, unsalted almonds, unsalted cashews, pepitas and turkish apricots and divvy up into a few small bags. While you can purchase mixed nuts and dried fruit at the airport, a word to the wise: read the labels. Last time I checked, these bags contained added oils, salt and sugar.