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How to Have a Stress-Free Holiday

December 18th, 2014

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but with the endless to-do lists, maxed-out bank account, and full-to-the-brim calendar, it can also be the most stressful. Here on the blog, we talk a lot about how to make the holidays beautiful and delicious, but I also didn’t want the season to slip by without spending some time talking about how to make it truly joyful. Back when I was an event planner, I worked on a lot of holiday parties for my clients, and I often witnessed hostesses who were so stressed and harried by the time the actual holiday rolled around, they just wanted to get it over with! I’m sure we’ve all felt that way at one time or another, and over the years, I’ve developed a few techniques that help me extract the most joy, fun, and treasured memories out of the holidays… and kick most of the major stress-inducers to the curb. Click through the slideshow for my top tips.

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  1. I love your tradition with the ornaments. I have ornaments from my childhood, and I think my favorite part of the holiday is unwrapping those ornaments each year and having those memories from past holidays.

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  3. Julie Short says:

    Your ideas are terrific….SIMPLIFY is my keyword this year!
    Sometimes the pressure we put on ourselves is totally crazy! If it feels too difficult don’t do it! I am about to write Christmas Cards to post 22/12 because LIFE has been the priority… they will get there after Christmas…..some rellies will nod their heads and say “typical” …you know what….I don’t care.
    To me this season should be about caring, helping and sharing….that’s been my priority! The roller coaster called LIFE is out of our control
    It may well be ham sandwiches in the garden Christmas Day — with our shoes off and a totally delicious bubbly….All are welcome!

  4. I totally agree that not everything has to be perfect! Woman are making it hard for themselves 🙂 Let’s take it easy this holidays, ladies 🙂

  5. graciousstore says:

    I think the best way to make the holiday season less stressful is to keep the celebration as simple as it can be. Yes it is a once in a year celebration, Put less emphasis on gifts, but more on the quality time you spend with your family and friends. We eat everyday don’t we?, So rather than spend the whole season shopping and cooking , make it simple and sweet, enjoy each others presence rather than enjoy presents/gifts which sometimes you may never use.

  6. KiKiMac says:

    Great tips! So true that you don’t need to participate in everything for your family to have traditions. Hope you’re having a relaxing Christmas this year!


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  8. I agree, Christmas needs to be a stressless holiday. Where we can relax and Enjoy each others companny. Have a merry Christmas! X and greetings from the Netherlands!

  9. Trangscorner says:

    How inspirational this post is!
    Love from

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