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Meg Lonergan

March 22nd, 2017

We’ve always known that great style runs in the family, but these days, it truly feels like every great trendsetter has an equally chic sister counterpart. Think about it: Cara and Poppy, Zooey and Emily, Mary Kate and Ashley, Bey and Solange… the list goes on. Well today, we’re adding Kate and Meg to their ranks.

As one of our favorite photographers about town, we’ve known Kate LeSueur for years, and have always had an admiration for her laid back, menswear-inspired style. So when Kate told us that her sister, Meg Lonergan, ran an eponymous interior design studio in Houston, we didn’t need any convincing that she’d be perfect for a feature on the blog. Sure enough, Meg didn’t disappoint. That she has an eye for design is undeniable (that backyard! those earrings!), that she’s a foodie is obvious (because we’re drooling over the menu) and her southern roots make her all the more lovable (those pewter plates are everything.) Keep scrolling to let Meg‘s entertaining style totally get you in a spring state of mind, and at the very end of the post, find out how you can bring the Meg Lonergan look in your home!

photos by Kate LeSueur

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