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A House in the Hills

September 15th, 2016

We’ve had a serious girl crush on Sarah Yates Mora ever since she was the editor of our “super foodie” column long ago. The girl has major style — she can somehow make anything (like, even vacuuming the house while pregnant) look incredibly chic and stylish. So obviously we were over the moon when she agreed to let us into her SoCal backyard to watch her in action as she prepared to host a small group of friends for an intimate dinner. “This gathering was inspired by easy summer living,” Sarah confessed. “There’s nothing we love more than having friends over for a meal, sitting outside under the cafe lights and chatting until the night is late.” Sounds like heaven to us…. You won’t believe how easy our favorite San Diego blogger makes backyard entertaining look.

photographed by sarah yates and lou mora

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  1. A Caswell says:

    When I click on view the gallery nothing happens. Also, don’t see Weekend Notes, as mentioned, on the post where you explained the new tech feature.

    • Thanks Anabel — did you try scrolling down past the “View the Gallery?” Were you able to see the images and captions that follow that when you scroll? If not, it would be great if you could share what you’re seeing so I can troubleshoot. Thanks!

  2. Katelyn Nicks says:

    Unfortunately I’m having the same issue as well 🙁 None of the galleries will work for me.

    • Hi Katelyn! Try refreshing the page a couple times to make sure the cache is cleared. If it’s still not working, can you please let me know what your’e seeing when you scroll past the intro slide and paragraph? Thanks!

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