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Miranda’s Magical New Orleans House

June 2nd, 2015

photographed by buff strickland

We have to admit — as much as we’d like to claim scouting credit — that artist Miranda Lake fell into our lap by some sort of strange magic. We’d just been discussing reader comments in a meeting and lamenting that you (our lovely readers) were ready to see something different in terms of home tours. Wouldn’t it be great if we could find something historic? Something colorful… maybe even a little eclectic? The planets aligned for us quickly that week and boom: an email from our friend Buff with an attached photo of Miranda’s backyard. We were intrigued.

When I arrived in New Orleans in April I was overwhelmed by the pure cool of Miranda’s space. Her 1910 Victorian shotgun is a maximalist dream — a home layered with meaningful and magical objects. Talking with Miranda, one quickly recognizes that every piece has a story. Her home is a living, breathing entity. And she herself is 100% artist: we talked about her soul cities (New Orleans is one, Cape Town is the other), the beauty of a jazz funeral procession, and how a humongous chrome double-decker bus came to live in her backyard (“It’s a big, shiny, happy pill for all to enjoy,”). Under the spell of Miranda’s hundred year old house, our photoshoot/interview naturally dissolved into an epic hangout session that lasted all afternoon. Join us as we spend the day with Miranda and discover a magnetic space that only an artist could create.

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15 Comments under :: Miranda’s Magical New Orleans House
  1. Jillian Greenberg says:

    I live just around the corner from this house – loved the tour!! That pool is magical.

  2. Chanel Dror says:

    My dream home! So so gorgeous and unique… and YES to taking interiors inspiration from your dogs!

  3. Caroline says:

    This is seriously the best home tour I’ve seen on any site in sooooo long – she is amazing and that house has SO much character! Keep up the good work!

  4. cat price says:

    yes! i’m obsessed.

  5. tania says:

    I Love this story and the blog. I wanted to let u know that on my iPhone which is fully upgraded there was a problem with scrolling. Hope that helps fix the problem.

  6. So much character to this house! Stunning!!

  7. This home has heart, soul and creativity pouring out of every corner, I’m going to just hit replay on the gallery for the tenth time!
    Thank you thank you thank you for sharing!

  8. dianna says:

    wow! just…wow!

  9. Megan says:

    The blue bedding is beautiful! Any idea who the designer is?

    • Miranda Lake says:

      Thanks Megan and to everyone who enjoyed taking a little tour of my home… Buff and Jennifer did a fantastic job, and we had a great time to boot!

      The bedding is from Anthropologie, but I put it on upside down and added a suzani spread from eBay on top.

  10. molliejblackwood says:

    My favorite home tour to date. I can’t comprehend all of it! What a cool and interesting home and person.

  11. teacup says:

    If the house was built in 1910 it is Edwardian … not Victorian … great place … one can see that someone lives comfortably there …

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