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Pinned Down :: Memorial Day

Last week I was putting in some long overdue Pinterest hours, when I came across this beautiful shot of ripe berries artfully arranged in crisp white cones, and I suddenly got the feeling. You know the one… when all your past summer memories come flooding in and you get butterflies thinking about all the outdoor… read more

Pinned Down :: Let’s Polka, Dot

Last night at dinner, I (Chanel) found myself giving fashion lessons to my  suddenly curious boyfriend. After a few minutes, the conversation took a philosophical turn as I attempted to explain why at one point in time something might look fabulous, but a few years later, the exact same thing can be so so wrong.… read more

Pinned Down :: Craving Color

For almost ten days now, we’ve been scaling the city to sit in on panels and soak up live music like no tomorrow. So, I (Chanel) have to admit that we’re a tad bit glad to be shutting down SXSW 2012… packing up our venue-hopping shoes for daintier options. I, for one, am most looking… read more

Pinned Down :: Just Peachy

As I began working on today’s edition of Pinned Down, I immediately noticed how many gorgeous images I’ve been pinning lately in an ombré of tangerine…that fades to peach…that fades to whispers of pink. I love this color palette, and it just so happens to coincide with an influx of perfectly ripe, sweet peaches in the grocery (imported… read more

Pinned Down :: Espresso Cravings

Ever since I heard founder Ben speak at Alt Summit last week, I’ve been on even more of a Pinterest kick than usual. I’ve been stumbling across such beautiful things, I think I’m going to burst if I don’t share some of them with you here. So, I’m kicking off a new little series called… read more

Transformed :: Painted Pouf

Claire here, and I couldn’t be more excited to present to you all my latest project! Two weeks ago I asked for your suggestions on which pouf I should make, and though I loved them all, I took little bits of inspiration from each one to create a design that’s truly original and unique. After some trial… read more

Pretty Simple :: Faux Bob

To my long-haired ladies out there: how often to you get that impulsive urge to just chop it all off? I’ve gotten (and scratched) the itch twice, and following both incidents I spent the next two years kicking myself as my hair slowly inched its way back to its original length. That said, today Martha Lynn brings us… read more

Monochromatic Monday :: Memorial Day BBQ

Um…is it really Monday already? We stumbled in the door late last night after catching two flights to get home from San Diego. It felt amazing to sleep in my own bed after a week of traveling…but I’ve gotta be honest – I could have definitely used a couple more hours. I suppose my cappuccino and… read more

Monochromatic Monday :: Spring Awakening

Don’t you just want to live in today’s board? Or at least, throw a party like it? Although the sun is barely peeking through the clouds this morning, the warmer weather has definitely put me in a picnic-on-the-grass, frolic-in-the-fields kind of mood. Over the weekend, Adam and I took a long walk through the neighborhood and… read more