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Live Kindly :: Buying Your First Road Bike

When I moved to Austin almost 4 years ago, one thing was very clear: this city has a strong cycling community. Cycling wasn’t prevalent in the small Nebraska town that I grew up in, but after my Dad raced his first biathlon in the 90′s and a family member rode RAGBRAI (a seven-day bike ride across Iowa) several… read more

Entertaining With :: Elizabeth Mollen

Elizabeth Mollen began developing her eye for design from a young age. Inspired by her grandmother’s success as an artist and antique dealer, Elizabeth knew she was destined to pursue a career in the arts, and eventually, interiors design. Today, Elizabeth has a lot to be excited about: a thriving textile and interior design studio, a baby on… read more

How to :: Create a Home Office Space

Shay Spaniola was only 16 when she caught the travel bug, and since then, her love of globe-trotting has only intensified. It was in that spirit of adventure and wanderlust that she started her own Austin-based design studio: bunglo,where Shay creates hand-painted fabrics and art. Needless to say, Shay’s travels are a major influence in her… read more

What’s On Hand :: Deana Saukam

It could be the Texas heat, but foodie Deana Saukam places the utmost importance on proper hydration. “I probably drink AT LEAST a gallon of water a day,” she says. “I think I was a fish in my past life. Or a mermaid.” Maybe so, but in this life Deana is the PR/Media/Events Director for… read more

From Camille’s Kitchen :: Summer Berry Ice Cream Cake

You guys know that I’m not usually one to post big, complicated-looking desserts, but I do think that it’s a good idea to have one or two showstopping tricks up your sleeve for those times when you volunteer to make your mom’s birthday cake or really need to get on your friend’s good side before… read more

Field Trip :: Lick Honest Ice Creams

If you’re an Austinite reading this, chances are you’ve already thought to yourself (or maybe exclaimed out loud), “I love that place!” In the three years since it opened, Lick Ice Creams has made a name for itself in town for being unlike any other, and during these dog days of summer we can’t get enough of… read more

The Artist’s Studio :: Spruce

If you’ve ever taken it upon yourself to upgrade a dated piece of furniture, you know that it’s no easy feat. Half the battle is deciding on colors and patterns, and the other half is finding an upholsterer who can do the job right. Upholsterer and author Amanda Brown of Spruce Upholstery is renowned for… read more

Three Simple Summer Recipes

When it comes to eating al fresco during the dog days of summer, you have to be careful — the dishes have to be refreshing enough to not weigh you down, served cold or at room temperature to offset the blazing heat, and casual enough to match the laid-back, barefoot vibe. So when we heard… read more

Love + Work :: Trey Hardee and Chelsea Johnson

The life of a professional athlete isn’t an easy one. Decathlete (and London 2012 Olympic silver medalist) Trey Hardee spends between 25 and 40 hours a week training in one of the 10 intense track and field events that make up the competition to be the “World’s Greatest Athlete.” And, Trey says he couldn’t do… read more

Weekend Notes

Thank goodness it’s Saturday… anyone else in desperate need of a day to hit the slow down button on life and take a bit of a reprieve from the nonstop to-do’s of the workweek? I’ve got brunching, baking, and closet organization on my agenda, and since it looks like temps are hitting the 90′s today, our poolside chairs… read more