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10 Best :: All White Outfits

If there’s one rule that was made to be broken, it’s the forbidden fashioning of white after Labor Day. From Fashion Week to magazines and blogs, it seems with each passing year more fashionistas than ever are breaking this old style directive… cause if you spend most of your time in the warmer climates like we… read more

Entertaining With :: Rebecca Finell

If you (or any of your friends) have children, you’ve most likely been in a room with one of Rebecca Finell’s designs. The iconic green grass drying rack she created is on the windowsill of practically every new mom we know. Rebecca’s already built and sold her first product company, Boon, and after taking a… read more

Camille’s Carry-On Essentials

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a pretty streamlined packer, and the same goes for my “personal item” bag that gets stowed under the airplane seat. The key is to strike that balance between feeling underprepared, and feeling overly laden down with a too-heavy tote (the opposite of a vacation mentality!) I actually used to bring… read more

Bottoms Up :: The Kombucha Cocktail

Some of us never forget our first experience with Kombucha. I remember staring blankly at those bouncy clusters of (extremely foreign) floaters, wondering why my mom insisted that I gulp down the alien drink. Fast forward a couple years and many tangy sips later, this trendy, fermented drink has got me hooked. Whether it’s that… read more

Packing for St. Tropez

I can’t believe we’re leaving for St. Tropez in just a few days! Adam and I have been planning this trip for ages – ever since realizing that my 30th birthday and our 5 year wedding anniversary fall within a week of each other, and deciding that was something worth celebrating with a destination we’ve always… read more

Transformed :: Concrete + Copper Plant Stand

Happy Thursday! Claire here with the perfect summer kick-off DIY. I don’t know about you all, but I am a plant lover. I have them scattered on my porch, decorating my shelves and still can’t help but keep buying more! What is better than displaying them on a plant stand you made yourself? Better yet,… read more

10 Best :: New Bands of 2014

Between tabletops and decor, it might surprise you that music is actually one of the most talked about subjects in this office. Whatever project we’re working on, our Sonos speaker is constantly jamming our favorite Pandora and Spotify channels. This has lead to discussions — some might even say arguments — about everything from André… read more

Behind the Smile :: With ELLE & Crest!

I had such a blast being part of this collaboration with ELLE and Crest, and I couldn’t be more excited for the feature to finally hit newsstands in the April issue! I spent the most fun day last fall hanging out at the Joule with the ELLE team, getting my photo snapped by The Coveteur (pinch me!) and spilling all my favorite beauty secrets. In addition to… read more

Love + Work :: Cobra Rock Boot Company

A cowboy and a Canadian fall in love after meeting at a concert on a courthouse lawn in West Texas. Logan remembers the day — “I was spending the summer in Lubbock. I said hi to him, and he was so friendly when he responded that we got to talking and I remember thinking, ‘Wow,… read more

Weekend Notes (and SXSW style-spotting!)

Happy weekend, friends! What are all of you up to on this spring Saturday? Austin is still in the throes of SXSW, and while I was all anticipation and excitement last weekend… I’ve got to admit that my energy is starting to wane. It’s been a blast though, and I thought I’d share a few of my… read more