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Spring Lunch Under the Trees

It feels like it was just yesterday that we posted Timothy Corrigan’s out-of-this-world holiday entertaining style at the fabulous Château du Grand-Lucé. Five months later, the temperatures are steadily on the rise in the Loire Valley, and Timothy’s transitioning his parties from dinners by candlelight, to lunch in the garden. We caught up with the interior designer… read more

Bring It Home :: Being Open to Change

Happy New Year lovely readers! In addition to my resolution to try the 5-Piece French Wardrobe this year, I’ve been thinking about making some changes in my home. When I moved into my apartment I gave my best guess as to what layout would work best for me, and it can be very easy to… read more

Bring It Home :: Christmas Brunch

Christmas mornings can sometimes feel a little… frenzied. So as I brace myself for the chaos of the holiday with young children, the laid back vibe of this space is really speaking to me. With its cozy sheepskins, unfussy airplant centerpiece and a stack of logs ready to go, this is my ideal setting for… read more

A Very Merry (Camille Styles) Holiday Soirée

Another December, another company holiday party… and they seem to get just a little more fun with every passing year. We got the team together last week to celebrate all the photographers, writers, stylists, designers and other creatives who have made this year the best yet, and of course, we couldn’t resist sharing a few… read more

Bring It Home :: Technicolor Dream Couch

Let me first say what we’re all thinking: that COUCH! It’s as if it came to me in a dream. In case you’re wondering how such a couch came to be (I know I was), Jessica Helgerson Interior Design had it upholstered in 18 different Peruvian blankets. If you don’t happen to have 18 Peruvian blankets… read more

Weekend Notes

Happy long holiday weekend! Has the stuffed feeling from Thursday started to wear off yet? Hope so, because today’s the perfect day for brunching with friends, baking a holiday recipe or two and mainly just savoring the glorious feeling of 2 more days before Monday morning strikes again! We put up our Christmas tree and brought… read more

Bring It Home :: Design Within Reach

In my last edition of Bring it Home I featured a standard Ikea kitchen and a budget friendly DIY, but this room is slightly less attainable (unless a kitchen renovation is in your realm of possibility). But no matter, there are always ways to incorporate elements from an inspirational image into your home. It’s simply… read more

Transformed :: Lazy Day Hammock

Claire here, and even though this time of year is all about winding down and soaking up the sun, it’s hard to believe how fast the summer’s whirling by. So for this month’s installment of Transformed, I set out to create something that would force me to catch my breath and relax: a do-it-yourself hammock! Earlier this week,… read more

Bring It Home :: Summer Villa

Cristina here, and there’s just no hiding it: I  am suffering from a major case of wanderlust. It all started in Capri, and this Aegean spread didn’t help either. All it took was one look at this villa in Mallorca and my mind was on sun-drenched summers with a wide brimmed hat and a glass of sangria in hand.… read more

Bring It Home :: Choosing Favorites

I (Cristina) was talking with a friend recently about the challenges of choosing a color palette when you’re sharing a space. Whether you’re cohabiting with friends, a significant other or your whole family, it can be quite the feat to design a space that will please everyone. My advice? When in doubt, choose blue. Forty percent… read more