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Tuesday Tastings :: Super Healthy Migas

Can we start this post with an informal survey? I’m dying to know: how many of you have never had migas? It was such a normal weekend breakfast for us growing up — my dad standing at the stove crunching up the tortilla chips to toss into scrambled eggs — that I sometimes forget it’s… read more

Tuesday Tastings :: Black Quinoa Chopped Salad

I’ve got to admit that my weekend stomach bug put a bit of a hiccup in my recent detox efforts — there’s just something about being in recovery mode that makes me want to eat nothing but slice after slice of buttered toast (hello, gluten!) Thankfully, I’m back in the saddle and loving the taste… read more

The Super Foodie :: Miso Glazed Eggplant

When I spotted these tiny eggplants at the farmer’s market, I just knew I had to have them at my next dinner table! Roasted with a sweet miso glaze, they’re as tasty as they are adorable. I prefer chickpea miso but if you can’t find it, a sweet yellow miso will work as well! In… read more

The Super Foodie :: Roasted Carrots & Parsnip Puree

With the holidays wrapping up, most of us have enjoyed our fair share of treats! So I’m here with a healthy but delicious dinner recipe to help get us all back on track. The puree, although filled with nutrient rich parsnips and celery root, still feels like an indulgent treat, and it’s the perfect way… read more

12 Tastes of Christmas :: Beth’s Cinnamon Rolls

Next up in our 12 Tastes of Christmas series is a mouthwateringly decadent (and gluten-free!) recipe perfect for whipping up this Christmas morning. I have loved getting to know Beth Manos Brickey of Tasty Yummies over the blogosphere this past year… not only is she ridiculously talented, she’s just one of those people that sends off… read more

The Super Foodie :: Spaghetti Squash with Marinara

I love spaghetti like a dog loves bones, but what I don’t love is that feeling of fullness when I’ve eaten my weight in noodles… which is why I think spaghetti squash is such a brilliant vegetable. It provides my spaghetti-loving satisfaction without that heavy, processed carb after-dinner sluggishness. And paired with this hearty, homemade… read more

Tuesday Tastings :: Eggplant & Shiitakes with Soy

This recipe is really all about the dressing, which turns just about any humble vegetable into a showstopping, entertaining-worthy dish (so far, I’ve tried on asparagus and sugar snap peas in addition to this concoction, and they’ve all been transportive.) I adapted the dressing from an asparagus & portobello salad in Gwyneth’s new cookbook, and… read more

A Fresh + Delicious (gluten-free) Picnic!

Today, my two favorite gluten-free gals on the planet join forces to bring us a summery picnic brimming with delicious bites that anyone would want to dig into…and it all just so happens to fit into a gluten-free diet. Click through all the gorgeous images shot by Studio Uma, accompanied by Jess & Lisa’s drool-inducing recipes… read more

The Perfect Bite :: Orange & Almond Biscotti

In my book, there’s only one thing better than coffee… and that’s coffee paired up with its most beloved cookie, the biscotti. As an out-and-proud coffee fiend, this twice-baked orange & almond biscotti has upped the ante in my morning mug meeting. It’s bright with orange zest and extra nutty with almond flour and slivered… read more

The Perfect Bite:: Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes

Jess here, and today’s edition of The Perfect Bite will sneak its way into almost any meal… a fresh batch in the morning makes for delicious breakfast muffins, while a slather of frosting on top leaves you with a rich cupcake that’s perfect for satisfying those afternoon cravings. And since I chose to sub out some ingredients… read more