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Tuesday Tastings :: Healthy Tropical Banana Muffins

Just between you and me, I didn’t make these muffins intending to post them on the blog. Muffins don’t really have the tendency to be especially photogenic — they’re just kind of… muffins, you know? Well, one bite and I knew these were anything but ordinary, and the fact that something so healthy can also… read more

The Perfect Bite:: Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes

Jess here, and today’s edition of The Perfect Bite will sneak its way into almost any meal… a fresh batch in the morning makes for delicious breakfast muffins, while a slather of frosting on top leaves you with a rich cupcake that’s perfect for satisfying those afternoon cravings. And since I chose to sub out some ingredients… read more

Tuesday Tastings :: Coffeecake Muffin Tops

I’ve always had this thing with muffins…while I adore their crunchy golden-brown tops, I could totally leave the rest. Anyone with me here? My mom obviously knows me all too well since she gifted me with this genius “muffin top pan” for Christmas, allowing me to savor only the crispy crunchy goodness ’till my heart’s content.… read more

Thursday Beats :: Weekend

How tough is it to bounce back into work mode after a long break like Thanksgiving? This weeks play list is a melodious reminder that we are in the home stretch! Give these weekend tunes a quick listen to get excited for the days to come, or save them for a fun gathering you’re planning.… read more