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10 Best :: Spring Floral Arrangements

Spring is in the air! Granted, the weekend forecast in Austin is looking a bit icky, but we’ve got bright, blossoming florals on the brain nonetheless. Whether you’re attending a spring wedding, planning a seasonal dinner party or simply wandering outdoors in search of wildflowers, there’s no better time of year to surround yourself with… read more

Spring Lunch Under the Trees

It feels like it was just yesterday that we posted Timothy Corrigan’s out-of-this-world holiday entertaining style at the fabulous Château du Grand-Lucé. Five months later, the temperatures are steadily on the rise in the Loire Valley, and Timothy’s transitioning his parties from dinners by candlelight, to lunch in the garden. We caught up with the interior designer… read more

Monochromatic Monday :: Coast to Coast

It’s that time of year again…when temperatures start to climb just enough to spur dreams of summer sunshine, and a little sand in between your toes while cradling a piña colada (or two). So, as I ditch my winter coats and recover my favorite pair of flip-flops from the (very) bottom of my closet, I can’t… read more

10 Best :: Pastel Pieces for Spring

Lavender, periwinkle, mint, blush…you know the shades. Those yummy sorbet colors are oh-so-sweet and seem to be everywhere this time of year. Today’s round-up was first inspired by these obsession-worthy platform sandals, but further research concluded that just about any pastel-colored clothing and accessories are virtually irresistible. Click through for 10 of our favorites, and… read more

Weekend Notes

Bienvenido a Miami! Er, greetings from Miami, that is! I’m here soaking up the sunshine, eating (and drinking) way too many delicious things and trying to keep myself from blowing my budget at the Webster while at the South Beach Wine & Food festival this weekend. Phoebe came along for the ride too, partly because… read more

Tuesday Tastings :: Fettuccine & Zucchini Ribbons

An added perk to my job this year is that I get to spend lots of quality time with my good friend Buff Strickland, the incredibly talented photographer that’s shooting my entire book. Buff’s laid-back vibe makes every shoot day a fun one, and since she also shares my love of simple, seasonal cooking, we… read more

The Super Foodie :: Spinach Blackberry Salad

Ladies and gentleman, please give a warm welcome to the latest addition to our contributor team: Sarah Yates of A House in the Hills. We’re thrilled to have Sarah joining us every other week to share her gorgeous vegan, vegetable heavy, seasonal recipes… plus, she’ll be focusing on the health and nutritional benefits associated with… read more

Tuesday Tastings: Roasted Heirloom Tomato Pasta

Last week we shot a “pizza night” concept for my book (little sneak peek here. It was soooo dreamy, I can’t wait for you guys to see it all!) Everyone at the shoot ate their weight in pizza, but we were still left with such a plethora of gorgeous heirloom tomatoes that I’ve been scurrying to… read more

Monochromatic Monday :: Summer Stargazing

Growing up, each summer I spent a month at sleep-away camp in Wimberley, Texas. Reuniting with my camp friends was the single thing I looked most forward to all throughout the school year, and I still cherish all the memories I made during those summers… one of my favorites being the overwhelmingly star-speckled night sky,… read more

My Life, Styled :: Beverly Hills Brunch

One of the perks of living in LA is the multitude of swanky hotels perfect for brunching, lunching and meeting up with friends. You can do a pool day at The Roosevelt or dinner at PaliHotel, but my personal favorite is the Sunday Jazz Brunch at The Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. My… read more