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Weekend Notes

The past week has been made up of some really lovely days: working in the morning, spending the afternoons with Phoebe swimming in the pool and making popsicles, and enjoying milder-than-usual (for Austin) summer evenings sipping rosé on the patio with Adam while our dinner cooks away on the grill. I’ve definitely been making an… read more

Bring it Home :: Suzani Serenity

I (Cristina) have always been on board with the clean, serene bedroom trend… white sheets, white walls, white furniture. But every now and then I find that the white on white look can be a little too minimal (read: boring). I don’t typically think of the bedroom as a place to play with patterns or… read more

DIY :: Wallpaper Envelopes

When it comes to stationery, why does the card inside always get to have all the fun? That’s the question I was left asking with each holiday card that arrived at my doorstep this season. That said, spotting this little envelope-making DIY couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Leave it to Martha to come… read more

When I Say Zig, You Say Zag

This week, I snatched up the most perfect black & white zigzag runner from West Elm, and my office was instantly transformed by its graphic punch (pictured top right). This latest workspace addition has left me zigging & zagging about, craving everything in this pattern. An invitation reaches new levels of style with a zigzag envelope… read more