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The Thanksgiving Table :: Poppies & Posies

November 1st, 2012

Thanksgiving inspired floral by Poppies and Posies | Photo by Jen Huang for Camille Styles

That’s right guys – November 1st has arrived and it means that we’re diving headfirst into inspiration for the Thanksgiving table, which means food, family and flowers! Today begins a new series we’ll be running through the month, featuring gorgeous floral creations from some of our favorite designers across the country. Kicking things off is a gorgeous fall table design from the talented duo at Poppies & Posies. Owners and creative directors Juliet Totten & Sierra Yaun travel from coast-to-coast creating the most stunning weddings and events, and they recently launched a tabletop and prop shop called The Trove… with so many drool-worthy pieces, you’re going to want to set aside some major time to browse. I’m particularly drawn to the organic, garden style that these gals bring to their creations, and they’ve brought one of their signatures – incorporating branches and edibles – into their take on the Thanksgiving table. Get ready to feast your eyes on the gorgeousness captured by Jen Huang, and keep reading for a few of their tips on recreating the look at home this holiday season!

Thanksgiving inspired floral by Poppies and Posies | Photo by Jen Huang for Camille Styles

The right china or unique candlesticks goes a long way when creating a tablescape. For this party we chose one of our newer china patterns, a navy floral with a gold rim, and our antique silver flatware. The candlesticks are an aged wood paired with dove grey candlesticks. For a finishing touch and extra pop of color, Juliet whipped up homemade pickled beets and onions in mini weck jars for each guest to enjoy. The hand calligraphy tags we’re tied to each jar to serve as their seating tag.
Thanksgiving inspired floral by Poppies and Posies | Photo by Jen Huang for Camille Styles
Thanksgiving Inspired Floral by Poppies & Posies | Photo by Jen Huang for Camille Styles
There are a few very valuable tricks to learn if you’d like to design a floral arrangement of your own. First you’ll need a vase. We chose a vintage, pewter vessel for our vase, but you could use pretty much anything that is water tight. We cut chicken wire to fit inside the vase in a dome shape, which serves as an armature and makes arranging easier. For your materials, you can choose any colors, textures, and elements that you’re drawn to but we always suggest having at least one item that serves as your greenery, one larger flower as your focal, at least one smaller flower as your detail flower, and a berry or even a fruit to create various textures.
Thanksgiving Inspired Floral by Poppies & Posies | Photo by Jen Huang for Camille Styles
Depending on where you live and what is available to you, many of these elements can be found in nature. For example, we clipped the foliage and persimmons in our arrangement right from the yard we we’re working in. Sometimes if you take a look around, you’ll be happily surprised with what you’ll find without even having to go to the market. If you’re not lucky enough to have natural elements outside your door or it’s not the right season in your area, check out your local markets. They will often have beautiful fruit such as persimmons, pears, plums, and blackberries that will work perfectly in your arrangement. You can buy stakes at the craft store to create a stem for your fruits making it easier to weave them through your arrangement.
Thanksgiving inspired floral by Poppies and Posies | Photo by Jen Huang for Camille Styles
For our Thanksgiving inspired shoot we chose to design a large arrangement as our table’s centerpiece. We really enjoy designing lush, overflowing arrangements and with all of the season’s beautiful foliage we just couldn’t help ourselves and designed a large arrangement that would really stand out at any party. Our second passion after flowers, is sourcing vintage and antique items for our prop shop, The Trove, and finding new ways to use them when styling our events, dinner parties, and weddings.
Thanksgiving inspired floral by Poppies and Posies | Photo by Jen Huang for Camille Styles
Floral Design & Styling: Poppies & Posies / Vintage tableware: The Trove / Calligraphy: Janelle Sing / Photography: Jen Huang Photography

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  1. Chris says:

    what an dreamy floral arrangement. all of my favorite hues in one bouquet!

  2. Dani Ross says:

    I love this!!!

  3. everything looks delightful! I love those little jars!

  4. Truly beautiful and seasonal! Are those tumblers from anthropologie?

  5. This is so pretty! I love the beets, such great color.

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  14. Tereza says:

    OMG! This table looks incredibly beautiful.
    I’m saving these images in my inspiration file. Can I post them on my blog – for a future post, do you let me?
    Here in Brasil with our temperatures so high I could use this idea for Christmas.
    Have a nice week.

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