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Bottoms Up :: Super Bowl Shandies

The most unprecedented rivalry between the Broncos and Seahawks is going down this Sunday evening, so a celebration is clearly in order. And whether or not you’re a team groupie, it’s evident that after 30 seconds into the first quarter, football fans ultimately value a cold beer over game stats. A shandy provides the perfect balance […]

10 Best Smoothie Recipes

If you ask me, there’s no better way to incorporate fresh ingredients and natural sweetness into your diet than with a refreshing, fully-loaded smoothie. Whether you turn to your blender (or Vitamix, or Magic Bullet) for your morning fuel or an afternoon pick-me-up, let the drink serve as your tool to achieving healthy New Years resolutions (remember […]

10 Best Vegetarian Cookbooks

Growing up, a family trip to the farmers market was always a highlight of the weekend. I’d always enjoyed helping out in the kitchen, but being allowed to pick out colorful, vibrant vegetables with my own two curious hands instilled a whole new meaning in my cooking experimentation. These days, though I’m not a vegetarian, […]