7 Birthday Gift Ideas for the Friend Who Has Everything

She’s not impossible to shop for after all.

By Chanel Dror
gifts for the graduate!

We all have that one friend or family member. She seemingly has everything, or worse, her style is so unique, you could never pick something out for her. This person can often cause us to feel major birthday gift anxiety, feeling so unsure of our choices that we may even forfeit giving her a gift altogether. Not cool!

Well, it turns out that while buying this individual a gift may be challenging, it’s not impossible.

Scroll on for 7 ideas for what to buy the woman who has everything. We’re willing to bet at least one of them will be just perfect.

pajama setphoto from free people

1. A Pajama Set

Ask any woman you know, there’s no such thing as having too many cute and comfy pajama sets. And because they get so much wear, it’s common to need to cycle out old pj’s for a fresh, new set. When in doubt, this is a super easy option when in a gifting rut, and we love the idea of taking it up a notch by splitting a really special set with a few friends to give the birthday girl.

We love this set from Free People.

personalized backgammon boardphoto via pretty pink tulips

2. Something Personalized

At the very top of the “Things You Would Never Buy Yourself” list is anything and everything personalized. Stationery, a bathrobe, and even board games and playing cards feel extra meaningful when they come monogrammed.

We love this stationery from Papier.

black trufflesphoto from williams sonoma

3. Fancy Food

For the foodie in your life, a birthday is the perfect time to give the gift of decadence. Enter: black truffles, caviar, exotic mushrooms, and any other specialty food that doesn’t have a permanent place in most home pantries and refrigerators.

We love these black truffles with a shaver from Williams Sonoma.

danger dover mini duffle crossbodyphoto from dagne dover

4. Something You Love

The most surefire way to know if a friend is going to love something? Taking it for a test drive yourself. When I’m stumped for what to gift a friend, I think about what items I’ve recently fallen in love with — a new toiletry case, an amazing white button down, a perfect cheek tint. This way I can testify to the product’s awesomeness and know that my bestie will love it as much as I do.

We love the Micah Crossbody from Dagne Dover.

zen spa like bathroomphoto by kristen kilpatrick

5. A Spa Treatment

Think gifting a massage is played out? Think again. Unless your friend is one of the rare people who doesn’t enjoy getting pampered (huh?) there is no such thing as an unwelcome spa gift certificate. Make your life easier and you friend’s life a little more zen by giving this gift time and time again.

postcards place settingphoto by buff strickland

6. Something From Your Travels

Even something as simple as a notebook feels like the most thoughtful gift in the world when it’s brought back from a far away place. Keep your friend in mind next time you jet set, and bring her something special she’d never be able to buy herself. She’ll be so honored and grateful that you thought of her, no matter what the gift!

dinner with athena calderonephoto by chloe crespi

7. Dinner On You

With your busy schedules, odds are there’s nothing your friend would love more than some quality time spent with you. Forget anything that can be wrapped up in a bow, and instead, treat your friend to dinner on you, whether that’s homemade or out on the town! Done and done.

These are our favorite dinner spots in Austin.