8 Ways to Pull Off a Grown-Up Hair Bow

By Stephanie Duncan

featured image by Kristen Kilpatrick

Let’s be honest, keeping up with trends can be tricky. Fresh and new may feel exciting, but it’s important to proceed with caution. The truth – plenty should be left on the runway, and knowing what’s worth trying-out is hard.  Luckily bad fads fade, good ones cycle, and inevitably a classic is the “it” thing again. Suddenly an old style that we love is reimagined, and we get credit for being current when really we’re just staying the course. Timeless and tasteful fashion is built on these subtle statements, little things that pack a big punch. This year the experts agree, the MVP in the hair department is a beautiful bow.   Satin ribbons, silk cords and scarves, the best way to complete your look is to knot, tie, or trim your updo in pretty bows and romantic ribbons. Here are 8 fresh ways to pull it off like a grown-up.

image from Gal Meets Glam

Pretty and polished.

image from Coveteur

Sweet and charming.

image from novw

Printed and preppy.

image from Glamour

Dreamy and dramatic.

image from weheartit

Classic and lovely.

image from Harpers Bazaar

Black and bold.

image from BFB Hair

Satin and muted.

image from Salongen

Messy and romantic.