Duffy & Christy

By Chanel Dror
besties Duffy & Christy shop at East Austin Succulents

If it’s true that you are the company you keep, I want an invitation to join this friend group stat. Duffy Stone and Christy Curcuru are creative girls about town here in Austin, and since meeting just three years ago, the two have been practically inseparable. What keeps them close? A shared love for design, their mutually impressive personal styles, and an unwavering I-got-your-back sensibility. We caught up with the pair at East Austin Succulents on a sunny morning to talk about friendship through fashion, business, and what happens when your bestie has a baby…

*photography by Nicole Mlakar

What’s the story of your friendship? How did you two meet?

Duffy: Christy and her husband Phil went to the same college in Rhode Island as my boyfriend, Ben. So when everyone was in Austin we crossed paths.  I remember first talking to Christy at a 4th of July backyard party around a blow up pool with our two other dear friends, Sara and Nola. Christy and I both worked retail at the time, me at JM Drygoods and her at Kick Pleat, so we hit it off right away with retail talk! She was also designing jewelry full-time for her line called GROWING, and asked me after the party if I would model for one of her look books. Since then we’ve been hanging tight.

Christy: What Duffy said! Basically, I met her at a BBQ 3 years ago and quickly developed a girl crush, so I asked her to model for my jewelry line.

*pictured here: Christy rocks The Transport Tote from Madewell, a perfect baby bag!

Christy, tell us about life as a jewelry designer and new mom.

I’ve been running my jewelry line, GROWING, for about 6 years now. I love that I can be inspired and transform each collection into something totally fresh each season. The sky’s the limit with new materials, shapes and color ways. This past June, I became a new Mom to my son, Bowen, and it’s the best thing ever! I’m so in love with everything about motherhood. He’s enriched my life in ways I couldn’t imagine. The one catch is that I can’t rock my own jewelry right now because Bo is constantly trying to pull it off and eat it!

*pictured here: Christy wears Zara jeans, a vintage printed kimono jacket (similar here), sunglasses from H&M, and sandals from Nordstrom (similar here)

How does your bestie inspire you? 

Duffy: Christy is definitely next level on the creative spectrum. I’m constantly blown away by her skill of creating the most tranquil color combinations with her jewelry. She’s amazing with colors, and I look to her pieces often for inspiration on colors for spaces I’m designing.

What do you do, Duffy?

I’m owner and designer at Studio Duffy, an interiors studio based in Austin, TX.

*pictured here: Duffy rocks a dress from H&M Studio Collection (similar here), a thrifted hat with added personal pins on it, and a handbag from XXI (similar here)

How does your bestie inspire you?

Christy: Duffy is one of the hardest working gals I know. She’s an amazingly talented interior designer and her sense of style is on another level. She’s also incredibly thoughtful, smart and super organized.

How would you describe Duffy’s style?

Christy: Like I said before – next level! I’m always excited to see what she’s wearing or the way she’s rearranged her home. She has a knack for putting things together in unexpected ways and likes to take risks. Pretty major accessory and shoe collection too.

*pictured here, Duffy wears a pair of suede booties from Marc Jacobs (similar here)

How has your friendship changed since Christy became a mother to Bowen? Or has it stayed the same?

Duffy: I would say we have gotten closer. Her life has changed tremendously and having a close friend become a mother has naturally softened me as well. I’m definitely right in my element having a baby around because I love being silly — toys, cartoons, kids museums — I’m just a giant kid so it’s really been great with babies coming around.

Christy: Our relationship has only become stronger. Duffy was so sweet and helpful to me during my pregnancy. My husband and I moved when I was 8 months pregnant (crazy, I know), but Duffy and her boyfriend helped us out and pretty much set up our new place for us. Duffy and I see each other at least once or twice a week now. I think she gets her baby fix here with Bo since she’s super close to her niece and nephew who live in Dallas. We do a lot of lunches and nap-time meetings.

Duffy, describe Christy in 5 words or less:  

Generous, laid-back, supportive, silly, humble.

And how would you describe her style?  

California cool.


Christy, in the midst of this giant nursery you’ve somehow gravitated to the small display of stones! Tell us about your love of rocks.

My fascination with rocks began as a young child while spending summers in the North Carolina mountains. My grandmother would take me gem mining in the rivers there. I’ve had a growing collection ever since, and it just so happens that my husband loves them too. I’m a huge fan of Nature’s Treasures here in Austin. One day soon I’ll expand GROWING into fine jewelry so that I can continue to obsess over stones.

Coincidentally, you both grew up in Dallas. Is that something that bonds the two of you?

Duffy: We both have the go-big-or-go-home attitude towards life. And we love big hair. I think mostly, we both just enjoy making people happy and try to keep things positive and light-hearted.

Christy: There’s definitely that special something about us both being from Dallas. We are both driven to succeed yet love to relax and take time for ourselves. We care deeply about our loved ones, including our pets! We definitely share the same sense of humor and sense of design for that matter. Guacamole and frosted mugs forever!

As a designer, what plants are you loving right now? 

Duffy: Birds of Paradise forever. When I was growing up, my mom always had them in our house, so it’s my comfort flower. They are so geometric and vivid, I can’t get enough of them. I prefer really bold, bright colors in everything I do, including my plants and florals.

You mentioned that you often find interior design inspiration in Christy’s jewelry designs. How else do you collaborate creatively?

Duffy: I prefer to have Christy manage doing florals for projects I’m working on. She’s magic with arrangements and always get the style right on. We usually hit the plant shop together since that’s a fun outing, then she meets me at the site and works up floral installations made just for the space.

Where do you see your bestie in 10 years?

Christy: I see Duffy expanding her interior design client base to Dallas, Houston and beyond, while going on fabulous buying trips around the globe. Our collaborative line will be in full effect as well. She’ll probably be living in a pristine mid-century house that she’s restored and decorated to perfection with her future husband, lots of animals, and a baby (??).

Duffy: Christy will be jet-stting all over the world to source the most amazing materials for her designs. All with a few happy kids at her side and looking super fly!

*pictured here: Duffy’s Hobson sunglasses from Oliver Peoples