How to Change Your Entire Look Just By Moving Your Part

By Jenn Rose Smith
How to change your entire look by moving your part

How to change your entire look with a deep side partDo you part your hair the same way day after day? Most of us do, and when we’re considering a new look we often find ourselves thinking about making a change in length or color. At Roar Salon, senior stylist Erica Rae reminds clients that moving their part (even just an inch or two) can transform an entire look. “There are tons of articles out there saying that you should only part your hair certain ways if you have the face shape for it,” says Erica. “But I don’t believe that to be true. What I have found is that certain parts work best with certain lengths of hair.” For someone with longer layers like interior designer Sarah Wittenbraker, moving from a center part to a deep side part was an easy way to change up her regular look for a special occasion:

How to change your entire look by moving your partGorgeous red head Sarah Wittenbraker usually wears her hair parted down the middle for a casual, bohemian vibe. In four easy steps, Erica gave her more body on top and a glam holiday look just by moving her part to the far right side of her face.

How to change your entire look by moving your partERICA’S DIRECTIONS FOR HOW TO ROCK A DEEP SIDE PART:

  1. Determine where you want your part to be. I recommend using the arch of your eyebrow as a starting point/guide. If you want a more dramatic part then move it over a little more towards the end of your eyebrow.
  2. Add texturizing products to the roots of your hair and blow dry your hair in whatever direction you choose to part your hair.
  3. Use your fingers and lift at the roots to create more volume.
  4. Tease your roots slightly to help keep the part in place. I then like to accentuate the part by pulling some hair over one shoulder and tucking the other side behind my ear. This makes the look a little more dramatic.

ERICA’S PRO TIP: If you’re stressing over which side to part your hair on, try both and see which side works best with YOUR hair texture and hair line. A side part can actually be a great masker of hairline imperfections!

How to change your entire look by moving your partSarah was surprised with how much she liked the side part. The slight change made her hair look fuller on top, and drew attention to her amazing brows. An easy, fun, no-commitment change for a special holiday party!

How to change your entire look by moving your part

photographed by kristen kilpatrick