5 Steps to Bigger Eyes

By Jenn Rose Smith

Wow so easy and really makes a difference

If there’s one thing we’re constantly playing with in terms of makeup, it’s how to make our eyes look bigger. There’s just something so feminine and pretty about a doe-eyed look, and those of us with deep set or smaller eyes are always up for a new approach to making our eyes more prominent. Our team met up with makeup artist Nisa Nicole at ROAR Salon to learn her pro tricks for playing up the eyes: “This look is great for anyone who wishes they were blessed with bigger eyes,” says Nisa. “The individual steps work well on their own but when used together, they create a dramatic doe eyed look that anyone would love.” Fellow makeup artist Avery Allen was the perfect model with her gorgeous green eyes, and Nisa’s technique is really fun and easy to do. Follow her five simple steps and you’ll be saying “jeepers peepers”:

Wow so easy and really makes a difference!SUPPLIES:

Wow so easy and really makes a difference!


  1. Line the eye on the outer half only extending slightly beyond the corner. Tip: Using an eyeliner color like gray, plum, or brown will softly accentuate your eye make it look naturally bigger.
  2. Go over the same line with an eye shadow in the same color as the liner (or a bit lighter) to blend out the edges of the pencil. Use a slanted brush with light strokes.
  3. Use a blender brush (or a fluffy eye shadow brush) to add a neutral, matte eye shadow to the outer corner of the eye and the crease.  You’ll want to start where the eye liner ends in the corner and go slightly above your natural crease.
  4. Add a slight pink or off white, with a bit of shimmer, to the inner corners of the eyes, the inner rim (waterline), and below the lower lashes in the middle. Tip: Try a waterproof eyeliner when working with the waterline.
  5. Apply a generous coat of mascara to the top and bottom lashes. The lashes should point straight up in the middle and out to the sides in the corner to create the illusion that the eye is wide open

Nisa’s Pro Tip: If you have never played with an eye lash curler, go out and get one this weekend. They’re totally inexpensive, and curling your lashes are an added step that will really open up the eye!

Wow so easy and really makes a difference!

photographed by kristen kilpatrick